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An Orientation of Ashworth College Online Course for Students at Portal. Com

Description: The article below mainly wants to show us the information about Ashworth college student online course orientation,you can know more details about how to navigate around on your online courses.

Welcome to your online course orientation, this demonstration will show you how to navigate around on your online courses. When you log in, you’ll see the workspace page to access your course, you can either click on the quick link if it’s listed or you can click on my sides drop-down and this gives you a complete role of the courses that you have access to click on the course that you’d like to open.

Once you’re in the course, you’ll see the course title, you’ll see any announcements that have been posted and also your calendar for the course. When you go to the course home, this gives you a link to your student handbook, the course syllabus information on your instructor, your course guide assignment, format requirements and any supplemental materials for that course to access your lesson materials.

Click on lesson that, you would like to open, this gives you a short description of what’s covered in that lesson your learning objectives. This will give you a link to your waiting assignment and let you know about any assessments that you need to complete for this lesson, whether it’s an exam or an assignment.

You click on the reading assignments link, this gives you any required text readings and also it gives you lecture notes for that lesson to access your exams. Click on the exams and quizzes link, this gives you a listing of all of the exams in this course, click on the exam that you would like to take and that will open up for you to access your assignment.

Click on the assignments tool, this gives you a list of all the assignments in this course, click on the assignment, you would like to complete. You can either type your answer in here, the submission box or you can attach a file. Then click Submit to see your grades, click on the grade book, this gives you all the assignments within this course to score the email on it and how many points you could have received.

Thank you for viewing this orientation, and good luck.

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