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How to Explore Your Students Online Courses in Ashworth College at Portal. Com

Description: The article below primarily mentions some information and some tips when students from  Ashworth College want to explore their online courses and get the student portal.

Let’s take a look at one of your courses. If you remember, all your courses will be listed in the gray bar at the top to access your course, click on the link and your course will open up, as you’ll notice, the course is set up very similarly to your workspace page and all our courses have a similar feeling to them.

First thing to notice is your calendar, the course of your calendar will only show events that happen in your course and things that the instructor put in your course, whereas in my workspace page. It will sum up all your courses, sometimes you may see something in your workspace page.

The other differences are the announcements, this is only specific course, so any announcements that the instructor put in your course, you’ll see them here and you can also access the calendar in more detail that cow calendar and announcements over here in your left-hand bar.

Now the most important part of any course is its syllabus, those are the rules of policies of that course. So always start there whenever you get a new course, and you can do that by clicking on the syllabus link and you’ll be pulled up and you’ll have a syllabus on the page, which will show you all the contact information objectives rules, all the policies of a course and you can also download a printed copy.

If you would like to keep that for your records, or if you want to send that to someone for whatever reason, you can also save it to your computer. And this home button will take you back to the home of the course and after you’ve reviewed your syllabus, I’m sure you’re excited to get started.

We go into lesson 1, all the lessons were set up very similarly, you get the sub lesson, some lessons have more than one part and we’ll click on the science of biology. And here’s where you start reduction objectives, and you’ll have these icons here red, it’s always the reading assignment, green is usually a check, you’re learning or practicing exercise and blue will be an exam.

Always remember to look for these blue buttons, because that’s where you’ll be tested on the content you’re learning. If you access to the reading assignment, you’ll have either some links here, which will be extra content outside of your textbook or you’ll refer to your textbook, you click on the e-book link here and you’ll be given the username and password for your textbook, and the link to access it.

So you click on this link, enter this information and you’ll have your ebook very convenient. And let’s go back to the home page, so you’ve studied your lesson, you’re ready to take your exam and all your exams or quizzes are down under the Quick Links, here exam and quizzes. Click on that, you’ll see these are the exams that I have to take for this course.

I’m not going to click it here, but it’ll prompt you with a message. You hit start and you begin taking an exam, when you have done the exam, you click the submit button and it’ll gray any multiple choice exams. We grade it instantly any exams that have to be manually graded, this may take a day or two. But once that grade is posted, you’ll see it in the grade book.

Here’s exam 1. As you go down there, you can see your grades, let’s go back to the home page. So that’s your exam and quizzes and those will show up in a grade book, sometimes you may be asked to submit an essay or spreadsheet and all those will be done under the assignments tab here.

So you click on that and you’ll see there will be a link to every assignment. And if you click on that, it’ll be a simple editor where you can type your assignment here. If you like or attach a file from your home computer, you can catch up to 5 files to the assignment and submit it to be graded.

And once it is graded, those will also show on the grade book. So this is your course pretty straightforward, if you have any question, we have a staff here willing to help you and just give us a call. Good luck with your program, and have fun learning.

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