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How to Use My Workspace in Ashworth College Online Courses for Students at Portal. Com

Description: The article will show you something about the education operations at Ashworth College, you will be guided to use the new learning management system in order to get student online course portal.

My name is John Riser, I’m the director of education operations at Ashworth. And I’ll be your guide to our new LMS or learning management system, and I want to show you some of the new features when you’ve locked in, you’ve already seen this page that you’re looking at here and it’s called my workspace.

It’s a very important page and this is really your home base for all your learning. Across the top, you’ll notice there are some links and these are where your course links will be listed, so every course that you’re enrolled in, you’ll see up here and this will show you the most recent courses, and you can edit that and it will give you some of the options to hide a course.

If you’ve already completed it or you’re not working on it, or a range and your course order on your tabs, or how many of you show in your tab, you have a lot of options there. So you click on this edit button here, and you can do all those edits.

If you click on it, it will take you back to your main page. If you don’t see a course listed here, you may also look under the tab, and it will bring down a drop-down, but all the courses you’re enrolled in and a list here, so you can also enter that course by clicking on those links here or view.

If you have any hidden sites, it’ll take you back here and show you what sites may have hidden, so that’s how you access your courses. But before we get in our courses and we’ll talk a little bit about my workspace page, first thing you’ll know this calendar is to roll up any event that your instructors at any of your courses have set for you.

So if there’s an important meeting or a discussion or any kind of special event, the instructor I set up in your course, it will appear on your calendar here and you have some options here. If you click on the option button, decide what you want to mark as a high priority.

Here this little button, you can see it move, this is your back button. When you’re working in saccade, this LMS try not to use your browser back button, always use this little arrow, it’s important and it will take you right back to your beginning of that application you’re working in. You can also go over here and click on your calendar and this is where you can add some of your personal – dues as well.

So if you want to add and create your study schedule or personal life, use his as a way to keep everything or you can do that. So that’s cool and the announcements will list and here is showing you right now. There’s announcement for me from this first course, but if any instructors post an announcement to your class, you’ll see that here and it’ll be again.

All your courses that you enrolled in will be listed here, let’s go back to the home page, then you have things up here and you have go back to your student portal, which is where you can make payments things of that sort.

If you haven’t gone to the community, I suggest that you do that’s where all your classmates are and it’s a great place to ask questions and get help. But also on a social level, just talk to other people that are going to the course at the same issue. It’s a great experience and by clicking there. you can go over and check it out for yourself and that should do it.

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