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AT&T Further Leaks Mophie’s iPhone X Juice Pack Air Activate

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Today I’ve got an exclusive tip from the place where notice viewer is out, so let’s jump into it, the notice is on the baddest, but still don’t know defeat running for the White House, but I am not athlete, got Jordans on my feet, so if you remember a little while back, I made a video about how the Mophie battery case for the iPhone 10 leaked and today a where noticed viewer out there commented on it.

It’s on a TN t–‘s website, so I went over to a teen, this website here, I’m on it now and I searched for Mophie iPhone 10 and what do you know? It is listed here, as you can see, it says it is out of stock, the device is out of stock, because it’s not for sale, yet I checked mo fees website as well.

They don’t have a press, release out about it, they’re not saying anything, so it seems that AT&T, leaked this device a little further and now let’s see what we can learn about it in these new details from the ATT website.

As you can see, it’s going to come in at least two different colors, there’s a black version and also this dark blue version, let me zoom in there, as you can see, it’s not the highest quality picture ever and we can read the description.

Let’s read the description word-for-word, let me quote it, quote the juice pack, air battery case made for iPhone 10 gives you extra battery power, when you need it and recharges with any Qi wireless charging system and quote, so that’s the description there.

As you can see, it is called the juice pack error, that’s definitely going to be the name for this person, obviously, it’s supposed to cost $90, according to the ATT website now, that’s all we’ve got from this leak on the ATT website, because as you can see, if you click on the phone, what happens?

It takes you to this AT&T, case page and I don’t want to take a survey, but there was all the new information we have, but it’s definitely better than nothing. I guess it shows that this bad boy should be coming out.

Hopefully, if 18t is already starting to list it on its site, so that is definitely good news, because what month is it? It is April now and the iPhone 10 was unveiled back in September, so we’ve been waiting a while for Mophie to finally give us a good high-quality reputable battery case for this bad boy.

So everyone is waiting for it, it should be coming soon, obviously this does seem to be a mistake on 18 T’s part that it was listed on their website, because I checked a bunch of other carrier websites Verizon t-mobile Sprint and they do not have any mention of a Mophie iPhone 10 accessory and the same thing with other retailers like Best Buy and Apple.

I checked those two, so this is a cool leak, that’s been found, it seems that no one else has reported on this, so Big Daddy Shane is the first here on where notice, so congratulations to all you where notice was out there thanks to one of you, you all are the first to hear about this.

That’s awesome and with that, that will be all for this wearing of this video, because there’s not much more to say, obviously, I’ll have a full video out, once this device gets unveiled, so definitely be sure to subscribe to the channel.

If you want to see that and also make sure to subscribe, if you want other awesome technology videos like this one, I do love all my subscribers, we’re getting close to a thousand and I want to get there.

So if you want to make me happy, if you want my love, hit that subscribe button, I do love all my subscribers, so in summary, be sure to subscribe and also thank you so much for your time and also thank you so much for subscribing, you heard about this new leak first from me, thank you.

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