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Description:The article is about att activate. The author shows us on how to unlock or send a request online to unlock your AT&T related devices. You can go to their website and choose the service you need and follow the process then you will finally get your problems solved.

I’m going to show you a step by step on how to unlock or send a request online to unlock your AT&T smartphones or flat phone or other phones that you have with AT&T.

First of all you need to go to and then you’re going to type in att unlock portal. Once you type that you can go ahead and press enter. That will be the first one that it shows on the Google search or unlock/

Here are the device and knock portal. It has a welcome paragraph here. Let’s go ahead and then click on unlock a device. First of all,before you go and proceed to unlock your device,you’re going to make sure you have met all the requirements with the AT&T prepaid phone or AT&T nex or AT&T contract as long as you are out of the payment or we pay off for your phone. Unless you have a special circumstance so that you are going to go out a country or something.

I’m not sure most of the AT&T will allow you to unlock the phone if you have a service with them more than six months. If your money or all balance are on the phone,they will now unlock your phone. You’re going to go ahead and then click on unlock a device. Unless you are a sender request,you can check in unlock status. If you check on the unlocks status,you can enter your IMEI number and then the confirmation number that they send it to you and then click on I am not a robot and then click on submit.

Let’s go back and I’m going to click on here to unlock a device. Once you get here you will need to enter your mobile number. I got a type in number and I will click on “yes,I have read the legal stuff and agreed to the device unlock eligibility requirements” and click on next. Are you an AT&T Wireless customer? Yes or No? Normally I’ve click on yes with them. I never tried no. So if you don’t click on no then you will need to enter the IMEI number on the phone.

I get a IMEI number. In case that you type in the wrong IMER number,you can click check the IMEI number you enter and then try again dial star pound zero six on your mobile phone to make sure you have the right IMEI number. I start typing that for now so I’m going to type in the correct IMEI number now. We’re going to take us to the next screen and see what is going to happen. Once you enter the IMEI number,it will show you model out the phone. okay then you want You need to go ahead and then click on next.

It did not have I’m not robust option. I will click on I’m night robot. There appears some pictures. I’ll click on the vehicles. The picture have vehicles and click on next. Then click on “yes I have read and agree to the device on liability a requirement” and click on next.

Now you are going to this page,you will need to enter your first and last name,your AT&T mobile phone number,maybe the previous number that was tied to this account and then your email address and then we will confirm your email address again. Once you connect click on submit,it will send you a email to your email inbox. You need to be sure to verify and confirm. If you don’t go to your email and confirm that then you will not process your unlocking up.

After you send a request,be sure to check in your email inbox and then click on confirm that means you have requests on locking process. If you don’t do that and it’s going to kick you off of their system. For the special requests let’s go back to unlock a device again. This time I’m going to enter yes I’m an AT&T customer and then enter the phone number then click on I’m not robot again. It says select all images with the mountains or Hills mountains or Hills,so then I click on “yes I’ve agreed to the liability requirement” click on next.

You will need to enter your account holders first and last name. This sign is a little bit different. You will be required into your AT&T Wireless,a security pass code and then your email address. And then we will come from your email address again and see if you have a tip it for military. Yes or No. So if you are yes then they probably allow you to unlock it since you are in military and then you can move back in for a lot. Then click on next and then it will ask you to enter your IMEI number.

If you don’t know it be sure to look into your phone first. Don’t try to look at on the very cover on the back of the phone. Sometimes you buy useful of something,you can go into the star pound zero six pound in order to redeem IMEI number inside on your phone. Click on submit and it says “Thanks we email you a link” and then it gives you the confirmation number. So be sure to write that down in case you have question or you have problem about unlocking or checking the status of your phone. I’m going to go to my email and then click on confirm. It’s like a process on unlocking.

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