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Does Cricket Sim Card Work With ATT Smartphones Activation ?

Description: The article focus on whether the Cricket service or the SIM card of our Cricket can work to any AT&T device or not. The SIM card can do the activation for the Cricket service and AT&T device. The AT&T and Cricket are from the same company.

I’m going to find out if the Cricket service or the SIM card of our Cricket can work to any AT&T device. First you need to have the phone unlocked. At the same time I want to show you if you have a AT&T SIM card,whether it works to aggregate the phone or not. Let’s find out

Before we start it I’m going to show you that I have AT&T SIM card and I have the Cricket SIM card too. As everybody knows that Cricket and AT&T are from one company. The Cricket running the prepaid for AT&T and the AT&T may focus on the post pay contract and more higher phones.

If you are a Cricket customer and you want to buy AT&T phone or somebody gives you a TNT phone,you want to know if this one is going to work or not,we will figure that out. This is not an unlocked AT&T phone and this is the Cricket SIM card. We’re going to move on and place that SIM card inside the Cricket phone. We’ll see if that phone is getting able to read it or not.

There are many people asking for Metro PCS,if you can’t bring T Mobile forms,you can bring any t-mobile phone. But the phone has to be clean which is not reported as lost or stolen or not even under contract. Now we have this one closed and now I have AT&T. So if you have AT&T SIM card and you have a Cricket phone available,we will move on and place the AT&T inside the Cricket phone and see what is going to happen.

Hopefully this article will help you to know that if you want to buy a phone or use a phone,you need to make sure you don’t get too many troubles. Now we get this one turning on so the Cricket inside the phone will be AT&T SIM card. Now let me check the hydro air. It shows over here that it’s a Cricket even if the phone is AT&T. It is not unlocked and it worked perfectly fine .

As everybody knows,Cricket and AT&T are one company. The Cricket is still running and we’re going to see what it is going to show us. We’re going to move on. Unlock there. The screen shows us that you need to unlock the phone. So if you are in AT&T and you are trying to buy a Cricket phone,do not do it.

Somebody will give it to you to make sure have the phone unlocked. But if you are already with a Cricket and you want to buy AT&T, you need to clean ESN phone that means it can not be reported lost or stolen and start on the contract. You definitely may move on to buy it because it’s going to work without having an unlock.

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