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Activate Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Master Credit Card Review Easiest Travel Hack Ever

Description: The article is about aviatormastercard activate. The author is going to talk about the Barclays which should be the advantage aviator cart, showing us possibly the easiest travel rewards redemption, we can learn some benefits that we can get from using it and find the easiest travel way.

Before we begin today, we need to randomly select our winner from the AMX platinum Ameriprise version, so what we’re going to do? I’m going to copy and paste this URL into our random selector comment selector here and then we’re going to hit start and I will be giving away a $50 gift certificate to American Airlines to around a person.

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I will also include a link to the instructions for how to do that in case, this doesn’t make sense, but congrats Michael on winning and I will talk to you soon, enjoy the video, today I’m going to talk about the Barclays, a advantage aviator cart, but if this is your first time here, my name is Jason, I’m a travel rewards consultant and I teach the use of travel points and miles for free travel and experiences, so be sure and subscribe and turn on the Bell notifications.

So you don’t miss any upcoming videos, today I’m going to talk about possibly the easiest travel rewards redemption in the game, so the Barclays AAA advantage aviator is as simple as it gets, this is a great beginner’s card, there are not a lot of thrills to it.

But it’s very straightforward, it’s easy to use and you only have to make one purchase to hit the the minimum spend, so one purchase, a pack of gum, a sandwich, a beer, anything and at the moment, you’ll get a 50,000 points on a bonus.

But sometimes, we do see this card as high as 60,000 points, so it might be worth it to wait and T see it at 60,000 points, a few times a year, the normal signup bonus for this card is 30,000, so if you’re seeing it now, if you’re watching this video later and the sign up bonus only 30,000, because it goes to 50 or 60,000 points several times a year.

So it’s definitely worth waiting now, this card does have a 95 dollar annual fee that has not waived the first year, it also doesn’t have any good downgrade options, so you have to pay that 95 dollar annual fee to keep this card going.

To be honest, this card doesn’t have a lot of long-term value, it’s more of an urn and burn, this car doesn’t have a lot of long-term value, so after you get that 50000 point sign-up bonus, there’s not a lot to offer here, so you do get your first check back free and double points on American Airlines.

But to be honest, that’s not all that good, there are a few other tiny perks here that have impaired little value, in my opinion, ten percent of your miles back when you cash them in for a flight redemption, but that’s going to leave you with a small amount of points, you can’t do anything with, so that’s not valuable and it seems to be a way to keep you tight into their program or something like that.

But that doesn’t do anything for me, you do get preferred boarding, so that does have some nice value, but you know outside of these very standard things that we see with all the travel cards like travel coverage fraud liability, stuff like that.

There’s not much to offer here, but again you’re basically trading fifty thousand points for $95 which is totally worth it, in my opinion, fifty thousand points could probably get you round-trip to somewhere like Europe, an economy, if not, it is very close, it should get you business class one way to Europe or something like that.

They’ve got some great redemption for South America, so at the moment, I’ve been in South America and I’m a Nicaragua, I’m looking at flights back and I could get a one-way business flight first-class for twenty five thousand points or I could get a one-way economy flight for twelve thousand points to the US.

So that’s awesome and the fees with American Airlines are low, I think it was 564 the fees for economy, I don’t recall it, they weren’t in first-class, but probably our business class play a little bit higher, but still AAA doesn’t have too high fees, so that’s one nice thing about them.

But the thing that sucks about them is that their reward availability is pure these days, it’s so hard to find something until last minute with them, they take it away so much of the word availability, that’s definitely something to consider with this card.

But if you get this and then you stack it with something like some of the city AAA cards, you can rack up a ton of American Airlines point, so if you do live in a hub of American Airlines which the biggest hubs are Dallas Charlotte la Miami Philly Phoenix in Washington.

If you are part of one of these hubs, then you can definitely take advantage of points more a little bit, but you know of the availability, it does suck with them, so definitely something to keep in mind.

All in all, this is a very simple car, it’s great for beginners, I would probably wait until you’ve moved past your chaise 5:24, if you’re getting started, but if you need an easy way to rack up some AAA points, then this is a card for you, it’s easy, but not a lot of long-term value.

I hope the video was helpful, please give me a thumbs up, it helps me out, drop me a comment, let me know this card worth that $95 annual fee or not, if you haven’t already go ahead and subscribe, you don’t miss any upcoming videos, thanks for your time.

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