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Bank Of America Activate Debit Card Cash Rewards Card Review

Description: The article mentions the main topic which is going to concentrate on the point of bank of America activate debit card. The content is related to the review of Bank of America cash rewards card which is the bank’s foray into the flexible cash back card market.

It is a little high economic invincibility here, today I’ll talk about Bank of America cash rewards card which is the bank’s foray into the flexible cash back card market, the results are impressive, so you get one percent cash back on everything, two percent on grocery expenditures and then three percent of gasoline expenditures, on a quarterly basis with a $1500 cap reporter.

The advantage is that those aren’t rotating quarters, so you can do that each quarter and you don’t have to switch to restaurants and movies which you might not use as much as gasoline and groceries.

So that’s a nice feature, you can redeem the cash back as gift card statement credit or you can put it in a bank account, if you do so in a Bank of America bank account, they give you a ten percent customer bonus which is a nice way to incentivize you to use their bank, but also save and get some more rewards on top of that.

If you qualify based upon membership and having enough assets in your Bank of America account, you can get the preferred reward program which replaces the customer benefit that can go from twenty five fifty and believe seventy five depending on the tier how much money you have.

So it’s a nice program they’ve got for card numbers and on top of that spend five hundred dollars in the first three months cashback bonus of one hundred dollars, so this car basically pays you to use it, because the great thing is with all that flexibility, no annual fee.

So you can get that hundred dollar bonus starting out even though there’s no annual fee on top of that introductory APR 0% first twelve months after that is thirteen point twenty four to twenty three point twenty four percent balance transfer is 0% for 60 days.

Then it goes to three percent and that’s nice, because you win with that, then you have the additional package benefits which are similar, other cards assistance, if your identity is stolen zero percent fraud liability to protect a card travel insurance shopping help all good things to have on top of the base benefits already mentioned in terms of the looks of the card.

I think it’s nice, it’s burgundy like me looking shiny and sexy which is always a good thing and the websites fairly streamlined, I hit have, I did have a couple of glitches, but those were because the browser I was using not the site itself and the customer service for my experience is decent to look at it from the bigger picture of whether you should get this card.

I think a lot of it comes down to that, are you near Bank of America or are you already a Bank of America cardholder? Because that’s how you’re going to max out the most, but even if you’re not, it’s nice to have those consistent categories without an annual fee, because you don’t have to worry about it.

I have to spend this much to cover the annual fee, in this case, you get a little bit on primary categories and if you do have a Bank of America account, you can propel that forward, so this is a solid card, I definitely applaud Bank of America for it.

I would like to give your consideration, if you have any questions, leave in the comment section, other cards you want to see reviewed or other financial topics, also discuss them there so that we can continue spreading the message of financial freedom, go ahead and subscribe.

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