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Bank Of America Cash Rewards Credit Card Activate Debit Card

Description: The article covers the content with the topic of bank of America activate debit card. It contains some important information which is about Bank of America cash rewards credit card. We can see some shared experiences with a Bank of America cash rewards card.

Today we have something talking about some experiences that I’ve recently had with a Bank of America cash rewards card. I’ll try to show you the card without showing you my numbers cash rewards card.

To make America cash rewards card, everybody was telling me to get a Bank of America cash rewards card, so in that way when you’re buying crap on this crap, you buy all the time and sending money overseas.

You know things will be better, you’ll save money and you know things would be better, so I got the credit card, it didn’t have an issue getting it, then will Bank of America for since I think it’s like 2002 or something.

So I’m forever much, so got the credit card being paying on a credit card, I like to use it for gas or something, no big purchases of nothing and then all of a sudden, they say you do so well with your purchases or whatever we’re going to give you a credit increase.

So they give me a $10,000 credit increase which I’ll never ever use, but it is like a long story. short had some issues happen overseas of the family, so I sent money off the credit card because I didn’t want to give him my main critic or family or not.

I didn’t want to give my main credit card, so I gave him my regular credit card number and they took the regular credit card number and charged the money that was needed for the business on the credit card which is no problem.

I have the money to pay it back, like I said, I didn’t want to give them my main credit card so long story short, I happen to notice it today, I put in a thousand dollar payment on it today, I’m going to pay it off at the end of this month.

I notice that on, when I put it in a thousand dollar payment, nothing happened, so I go in there and check and come to find out this credit card care a 25% interest rate, because it’s a cash rewards credit card, now keep in mind for me that is ridiculous, I have over 800 credit scores, so personal dating on your credit score are paying 21% back, I mean if you were paying the note for this, a credit card is a hundred and seventy dollars every month right.

I put $1,000 this month, I put $1,000, when I paid off at the end of this month and I think total amount was like seven grand or something like that, so it’ll be paid off, this one should be done with it.

So basically if you paid a regular payment which is 170 dollars a month, you’re basically going to be paying on this credit card for ten years and you’re in the pan like twenty thousand dollars which is crazy.

So my thing out there for you is that if you are looking to build your credit score, I would tell you the best way to do it, get you a secured card and a paling secured card, my credit score was already built, I had this credit card in case of an emergency.

But after this month, when I paid his credit card off, I will be in case of emergency, because I will be getting rid of this credit card, there’s no way, I’m going to have a credit card that if I do get in the bad situation and I have to pay on it that I’m going to have to pay a 25% interest that is retarded man.

I called in today, asked him whether there is anything else that can be done as far as regards to me paying interest rates and their answer was a bleep note that that interest rate is locked and you got to deal with it like that’s your interest rate, there are no better interest rates out there.

All we can give you is that even though my credit score is already wonderful, it’s crazy, so needless to say, that’s done getting ready for crappie about to get ready to get out and finish, so getting this pole ready to go out with my buddy, this is a different crappie setup.

Then I have ever tried to use before when a jig head and an actual cut zoom Werner never done it before, I always get the right stuff, I try not to make stuff, but my boy was like dude, you got to try it, I killed him and he limited out.

So I said why not let me give it a try, so cut a worm, put it on there, it looks nice, we’ll see how it goes in the water, because the longest part of the tail he said I cut it wrong, but whatever it’s my first time trying to use this.

So we’re going to see how this worm does for crappie, so we’re going to go out, try to catch some crappie, you know the seasons here, they’re starting to mate, a lot of them have been caught recently by a couple of my friends coworkers full of eggs, so you know they’re ready, I haven’t had a chance to get out there.

So the plan is to get out there and catch some crappie and I don’t know whether I’m going to take the kayak or not or if we’re on the boat this time or it’s going to be down to my buddy, because he’s leading this expedition, so he’s going to be the main person leading it.

So whatever he decides to go, what I’m going to do, that’s the man who wants to put that out there, make sure when you sign up for a credit card, you’re very careful in the card, you signed up to make sure your interest rate.

When I signed up for this car, I’d even pay attention to any of that stuff and that’s normally not like me, but the reason why I didn’t pay attention to it was that I felt like I would never ever use it for anything, so it is a feel-good moment to say that card, I’m like cash purchaser, I always buy everything cash cars everything, but a house, everything I can, I’ll try to buy the cash, I try not to have a whole lot of money sitting out there wrapped up in credit cards.

So a little purpose of announcement, hopefully it helped you out with a young man, those interest rates for those credit cards for a ridiculous, make sure about your interest rate, because like I said, if I was going to pay the regular payment over hundred seventy dollars a month, I would never pay this thing, I haven’t been like a school loan or something. It’s crazy, you take it easy, be safe, thanks.

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