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New Card Barclays Arrival Premier Leaked Activate

Description: The article is about barclaycardus activate. We will be introduced some information which is related to the new card called Barclays Arrival Premier LEAKED. The author is going to give you a rundown of the benefits and all the terms of this new card.

There is a new credit card coming out rumored to be coming out in April, details have been leaked of a new Barclaycard, in fact, Barclaycard is being rebranded as simply Barclays, so it’s called the Barclays arrival premier card.

I’ve got an article about it, you can check that out, but I’m going to give you a rundown of the benefits and all the terms of this new card, so there’s a screenshot leaked of the application that comes with all the terms and conditions. So there’s a lot of information about this.

First of all, it’s a tier 3 card, in my credit, shifu’s tier system 3 out of 5 being the top invitation-only cards tier for being the $450 and your fee cards, so this is tier 3, it’s below that, it has an annual fee, apparently of $150 and it earns points.

Those are my requirements for tier VIII cards annual fee plus points and in point earning, so let’s have a look, there are no foreign transaction fees, the annual fee is one hundred and fifty dollars, you get a Global Entry credit with this card and that’s worth $100.

So that will take your first year annual fee down to $50 and that’s before we subtract points from bonuses and stuff like that, it earns two points on everything, when all purchase is that, that’s the same as the Barclaycard arrival plus now at the moment.

There are no details on a sign-up bonus, but there is a spending bonus every year, it’s not the first year, you can get this, so if you spent fifteen thousand dollars, you’ll get an additional fifteen thousand bonus points.

If you spend another ten thousand dollars, on top of that, in a year you’ll get an additional ten thousand points, so that’s 25,000 extra points up for grabs every year. I’m suspecting this, maybe instead of a sign-up bonus, because if you have a sign-up bonus Plus this, you’re talking about giving away 75 thousand points and on a hundred and fifty dollar annual fee card.

I don’t think that’s going to be happening, so I’m guessing this is instead of a sign-up bonus, you know that setting out, this is a new bonus, it would probably encourage people to keep the card as a sort of a keeper card.

It’s a daily spending card, because you’ve got to do quite a lot of spending to get that bonus although you have a year’s time to do it, the card is apparently going to be available in April, there are some travel benefits as well.

So you’ve got Chip and PIN with this card which makes it is good for international use, all of Europe now, they use pin numbers, so it can be a little bit annoying, for example, if you want to misuse a vending machine that accepts credit cards or a self checkout that accepts credit cards, you can’t do that without a PIN number.

I did find a little hat for it to use Apple pay that often works, if those machines accept Apple pay, then you don’t need a pin, you can swipe your Apple pay, but this car comes with chip and pin for use very useful in Europe.

You also get lounge access through lounge key which is a benefit through MasterCard, so you don’t sent an additional card like you do with Priority Pass, you sign up for lounge key through your card, your MasterCard serves as the the access card for these lounges.

However, on a $150 year annual fee card, I don’t think it’s going to be unlimited access like with priority pass from staff, I reserved Amex platinum etcetera and guessing something more like the old Amex, a pass card which is nearly Amex a send card which is it used to be the one you had.

You got priority pass access, but you had to pay each time now, they give you ten free passes a year, so you get ten free visits a year and then you have to pay, after that, I’m guessing this will be something like that too, because it does say in the terms and conditions fees apply.

So you get lounge key, but maybe it’ll be a limited number of passes or you’ll have to pay a small fee each time, the big thing about this car that sets it apart from other Barclaycard cards and this is why people are getting quite excited about it, they’re rumored to be adding transfer partners now.

This is big, because barca card before hasn’t had a card with transfer durable points and a long list of transfer partners like chase and Amex and SPG hat, they have cobranet cart, so they issue the JetBlue cart.

For example, where you can earn points for that one airline, but now they are rumored to be having a list of transfer partners, if you look at the terms and conditions of the card, it does talk about transfer partners although it doesn’t name which ones they are frequent milah.

It’s a travel website, they apparently had some leaked information about that these transfer partners would be, so it’s going to be American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, the fans are JetBlue.

So those are the airlines and then also Windham hotels and Choice Hotels now, JetBlue makes sense, because there’s already a Berkeley card issued co-branding with JetBlue out of the other ones.

The most exciting is probably American Airlines after one partner, so you can use their points, on British Airways, on Cathay Pacific on many other of the one world airlines and then also with the hotels.

You’ve got Windham and Choice Hotels Windham is quite exciting, because their hotel awards are priced at $15, so 15,000 points $15, that would be great, 15,000 points, flat rate, so you remember that we reviewed Micro tell by Wyndham a while ago, not a particularly high class hotel that would be 15,000 points.

But if you wanted to stay at somewhere like this, that would also be 15,000 points, the same price, it’s a flat rate, so if you want to transfer the points to win them and then booked all there highest level hotels, that’s a real bargain.Hopefully, that won’t change soon.

My final conclusion, I think this does look like a very solid card, it will be coming out in April, apparently, it is unveiled to the public in April, the one big question for me though is what is the transfer ratio for the transfer partners, because if you’re earning two points on all purchases and then you can transfer over at one to one ratio to transfer planners that 25,000 that you get on the spending bonus will be accompanied by 50,000 points.

Because you had to spend $25,000 to get the bonus and it’s 2x per dollar right, so in total, you’re going to have 75,000 points that would be enough for a one-way business class ticket to Europe and most probably premium economy on the way back like what I did this Christmas on British Airways.

It was a business class on the way and premium economy on the way back for 75 thousand points and you could get that every year, if you’re willing to put seven twenty five thousand dollars in spending on the car.

So I hope the transfer ratio is one to one chases transfer ratios when you are points to their partners are one to one although it’s not always guaranteed, American Express star would have had different transfer ratios, sometimes with American Express.

The transfer ratio hasn’t been that good, so it remains to be seen we’re turning two points, I am a little bit suspicious that the transfer ratio might not be one-to-one, but we will see so things crossed and if it is one-to-one, I will seriously consider getting this card, it looks great, leave your thoughts below, let me know what you think about this card, you have the original Barclays arrival plus, let me know how that cards benefit you, please subscribe for new credit card videos almost every day and we will see you next time.

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