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How To Activate Any Boost Mobile Activation From Home Step By Step Tutorial MTR

Description: This article is going to talk about the boost mobile activation. The method in this article is simple and easy to understand, which will help you activate any of your boost mobile from home step by step quickly and easily. How to operate this and how to pay for this are totally showed in this passage.

This is John from magic tech review. Today I’m going to be activating a boost mobile phone for you step-by-step. Basically if you have a boost mobile phone at home or you bought one from somebody or at the store and you don’t want to go into the shop or into a store, you can basically do this at any time.

It’s nice to be able to do this. Let me show you how you can do this quickly. You go to the Settings and you go to activate. Once you go to the activate device part, you will see I am a new customer. I want to activate my boost mobile device.

Pick that option and hit next or you can pick, I want to move my phone number from another carrier to blue. If you want to pour it in your number, I’m a current customer. I want to swap devices. If you want to swap your devices or I’m a current parent regarding activating for another someone under 13, you can also choose the option.

You’re into your device information. You put your ESN number in there. This is a boost mobile ZTE warp 4G that I got my hands on recently. I figured I’d do this tutorial. All I did was taking the cover off the back and I’m putting the numbers in. Then you go next. This therefore has a robo SIM card with a serial number. The ICC ID is below currently associated with you. Please verify it matches the ICC ID on your SIM card or the box below.

This is a little SIM card that comes in the 4G phones and it enables it to get 4G. So you verify that the SIM card is also correct and then you hit next. This device has been activated previously so there will be a $10 charge to activate the device. Start your activation process by helping us identify your device.

So basically if you have activated a device before, there is a $10 reactivation fee for using devices on boost mobile network, agree to that, create a new number. We’ll put two three four six four area code seven five seven. You select the city. It’s a little different, because I am doing it on my phone, but you select the city and hit next. It should activate your phone.

I’m on my mobile device, but after that, basically you put the battery back in and then it should activate hands-free. If not, you can do a factory reset. Thank you for reading this a boost mobile activation tutorial and I will come out with another passage.

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