The Man Cave Interviews of Brooklyn Chase Net

Description: This article is an interview about Brooklyn Chase who has been in the porn industry for a long time and she is going to talk about what to do and what not to when sending a message to girls.

Brooklyn Chase, welcome back to the man cave, it’s different this year, it’s a ten-year anniversary.

I’m going go to sleep and then tomorrow go to the awards show, I don’t think I’m nominated for anything. So that’s no after parties for me, that sounds like a great night though.

When it comes to flirting on the Internet, give us some dos and don’ts with your fans. Don’t send dick pictures, nobody want to see the dick picture, it’s appropriate to first greeting, just some basic stuff, don’t be too weird which is going on well.

What’s the hot new thing is that my first DP coming up soon which will be exciting and I just shot my first anal gangbang which is exciting, so look for those. I’ve literally never done DP in my life, I believe it is more enjoyable and easier than straight anal.

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