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The Competition of Capital One Bowl Mania Com

Description: This article is talking about previewing the games on the Capital One Bowl Mania Competition and making our predictions on the ball games, we’re going to go through the games and tell you who we picked

Today we are going to be previewing and making our predictions on the ball games, so we’re going to go through the games and tell you who we picked, we’re doing Capital One Bowl mania, the winner will get a million dollars.

We are going to start with the game between Grambling and North Carolina, there’s no offense on both teams, Grambling won this year and that’s the only reason I chose it this year, I picked this team last year, so I trust it a little bit more. In the majority time of this year, it has been rematched with the team that had won before except for Georgia Auburn. I picked Grambling because I had heard of them before.

Troy against North Texas, I pick Troy and the Mean Green, this is a game to watch out for. Western Kentucky versus Georgia State, I picked Western Kentucky they played some power five teams and they lost but they’ve still played them so I’m giving them credit. I’m picking Georgia State because they’re local.

Boise State against Oregon, I picked Boise State, they’ve had a good season. I actually pick Oregon here, they end the season well even though they lost their coach. The Marshall Thundering Herd against Colorado State Rams, I picked Colorado State they have the same record. I picked Colorado State as well, they destroyed Oregon State in the first game of the year.

Middle Tennessee against Arkansas State Arkansas state is actually fairly good so I picked them, they’re a decent team. I pick Arkansas state, I don’t know much about either of these teams. Next is SMU versus Louisiana Tech, I picked SMU, they’ve actually used in a better conference, they played UCF, they lost but they played them.

Temple Owls versus the FIU Panthers, I picked up FIU because temple stinks, I think they’re both bad, the FIU started the season roughly, but they have made come back at the end of this season. UAB Blazers versus the Ohio Bobcats, the reason I picked UAB this in this game is that they’re the exact same record, I watched some UAB games this year and they’ve lost some games that they shouldn’t have but they won some big games.

Central Michigan Chippewas versus Wyoming Cowboys, I picked Central Michigan, I picked Central Michigan too even though I think Josh Allen who’s supposed to be a top five pick could be a threat in this game.

Now this one is interesting, Texas Tech against South Florida, I was tempted to take Texas. San Diego State against Army Black Knights, I picked this game before Army Navy but I keep my pick the same. San Diego State wins. Appalachian State against Toledo, I was tempted to pick Appalachian because they played Georgia, but I picked Toledo, usually Appalachian State is decent, they are good.

Fresno State against Houston, I picked Fresno State, they they came back, here’s another rematch. I think they don’t have a great record but they’re a really good team and I think Fresno State got let down. Houston had drugged Florida State in the Peach Bowl and then they beat Oklahoma.

Utah Utes facing West Virginia, I picked West Virginia. Next game, Duke and Northern Illinois, I pick Duke Duke is on a very good note this year, they drug tech and Wake Forest at the end of the yea. Kansas State against UCLA, I picked Kansas State. Florida State against Southern Miss, I picked FSU, I think FSU they end the season decently, I think they might be on a hangover for losing their coach.

Iowa against Boston College, I picked Iowa because I think they’re a solid team, last year they upset Michigan, this year they demolished Ohio State, I picked them over Boston College. I picked Iowa because how they end the season especially in 152 to 14.

We got Arizona versus Purdue, I pick Arizona Arizona. Texas versus Missouri, Missouri finished the season insanely well, they are a threat next year. Drew lock is a senior and he is good, he’s the best quarterback in the SEC.

Oklahoma State and Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech finished the year awful, they lost to Miami. I think Oklahoma is great team, Mike Gundy is a phenomenal coach, they have an explosive offense.

Stanford against TCU, I pick Stanford. Washington State against Michigan State, if Washington State clean up their turnovers, they could be a good team. Wake Forest against Texas A&M, I pick Texas A&M, I think they have a solid coach.

NC State against Arizona State, I picked NC State. Kentucky against Northwestern, I pick northwestern, Kentucky’s decent, it could pose a threat, it’ll be interesting. New Mexico State against Utah State, I picked Utah State, New Mexico State, this is their first ball game in 57 years, I don’t think they are going to win.

USC against Ohio State, I picked USC, I think Ohio State’s going to be frustrated and too focused on the fact that they didn’t get into the playoffs. Mississippi against Louisville, if Mr. president is not back for this game, it could be dangerous for Mississippi State.

Iowa State against Memphis, Memphis is a really solid team, but I think Iowa State has the potential, but I’m taking Memphis. Washington Huskies against the Penn State Nittany Lions, I picked Penn State, nobody’s been talking about Penn State and it’s closer to the end of the year, they only have two losses, I think they’re doing fairly well.

Michigan playing South Carolina, I picked South Carolina, I think they’re a solid team. UCF against Auburn, I pick Auburn, I think they’re solid of a team. I want UCF to win, but I think Auburn is going to win. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish against LSU, I picked Notre Dame.

Now we get to the playoffs, this is probably the best set of semi-finals in college football playoff history. Arguably best defense against arguably best offense and the trilogy of Alabama, it’s insane matchups, everybody love the Rose Bowl and I think that was partially why they picked out.

So one of the best matchups in the semifinal history, which game do you think is more exciting? Definitely Clemson and Alabama, it’s a rematch for the third time in a row, it is completely an unbiased opinion because I just don’t really think that Alabama has that much of a chance, but Clemson’s on a roll. I’m saying that this is an off year and it’s not going to be as close or as interesting to see because Georgia Oklahoma could be a blowout either way.

If it’s Clemson and Oklahoma, I think Oklahoma will win and here’s why, if they beat Alabama down, I think it will definitely be Oklahoma, they demolish South Carolina, destroyed Miami and then be there. Oklahoma is the only team in the playoff that is completely dedicated to offense, they’re the only team who hasn’t been in the top ten in defensive efficiency, that shows you that defensive teams are usually better. Arguably best defense against best offense, Georgia’s solid offense and they run the ball so Oklahoma can’t run up the numbers on them as much.

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