capital one bowl mania

The Predictions of Capital One Bowl Mania Com

Description: This passage is mainly talking about the predictions of teams on the Capital One bowl mania.

Today I’m going to talk Capital One bowl mania.

NCCU to GRAM, 9 to 2. UNM versus UTSA. SDSU versus Huston. APP and TOL. UCF and ARST, I think UCF is the better team. USM and ULL, I’ll go with USM. CMU and TLSA, I’d definitely go with TLSA. MEM and WKY. BYU and WYO. ID and CSU, I’d go with ID. EMU and OD, I’d go with EMU.

LT and #25 NAVY, I will choose navy because they are the better. OHIO and TROY. HAW and MTSU. M-OH versus MSU. MD versus BC, I’d go with MD. NCST and VAN, I’d go with VAN. ARMY and UNT, I will choose ARMY.

#24 TEM versus WAKE, TEM is going to win. Here it is, MINN and WSU, I think MINN is going to win. BSU and BAY, for the fun of it, I’m going to go with BAY. #23 PITT versus NW, NW was very good last year and PITT is very good this year.

#16 WVU and MIA, WVU. IND and #19 UTAH, going to go with UTAH. KSU and A&M, it is tough, I think I’m going to go with KSU. USF and SCAR, I’m going to go with USF. ARK and #22 VT, VT.

Finally we are getting to these teams, #12 OKST and #10 COLO, I have to go with OKST. UGA and TCU, I think TCU is good. #18 STAN and UNC, I think STAN is good. Now NEB and TENN, I’m going to go with NEB. SOAL and AFA, I’m going to say AFA.

Here we go, it is a good game, #6 MICH and #11 FSU, I think I’m going to pick MICH. #20 LSU versus #13 LOU, going to have to say LOU. GT and UK, I have to choose GT. Look at this one, #4 WASH and #1 ALA. #4 OSU and #2 CLEM, this is hard, I think I have to go with OSU.

#15 WMU and #8 WISC, WMU is good, I think I’m going to say WMU is going to win. #17 FLA and IOWA, I think FLA. #9 USC versus #5 PSU, USC. #14 AUB and #7 OKLA. WASH/BAMA and OHST/CLEM

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