Capital One Review

Description: This article is designed to tell you the features of the Quicksilver card and explain to you why this card can be a good choice for those who spend money on different little things and have big investment plans.

A card with high flat rate rewards like the Quicksilver can be a smart choice because you earn the same amount of rewards on every purchase. The capital one Quicksilver was the best card for me because I spend my money in tons of places, the Quicksilver card in this case helps me out.

Quicksilver card is good for me because I spend money on lots of little things, if your spending is all over the place and it doesn’t fall easily into common credit cards bonus, you might be better off with a flat rate rewards card.

This credit card isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for a big signup bonus, it offers a $150 signup bonus, what this card is good is that it has a solid ongoing rewards rate. There is also a 0% APR on the first nine months. The Quicksilver doesn’t have an annual fee and that’s great because it’s easy to manage.

When I choose a card, the annual fee is definitely a factor, I don’t want to pay extra for having the luxury of all these. Quicksilver card is one of the few cash back cards that doesn’t have foreign transaction fee. You don’t have to worry about earning a bunch of rewards before it becomes a good card.

I think this card is good for those people who are in the same situation with me, this card can provide 1.5%, if you are putting a large investment into something, it is good to have a card to help you deal with the cost.

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