Journey to Capital One

Description: This passage is designed to be an update on the Quicksilver card which is specifically for those who have never had a credit card or who are students.

I wanted to give a quick update on Quicksilver. The journey Carter is mainly for people who had either never had a credit card or student, that’s why I recommend it to those who don’t have bank accounts. I personally believe that you should go out there and try it.

I don’t any negativity for this card. I talked to a person online because I was getting emails and they stated that my card was the wrong card and I was going to get charged for the annual fee, and I talked to them, it turned out that they’ve made a mistake.

So Capital One is still like a 4.5 stars for me, they’ve done it very well, they’ve never given me an issue, they’ve even tried to help me understand the situation, the card, they gave me a credit increase.

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