My Credit Score Increased Over 50 Points with My Capital One Mastercard

Description: This passage is mainly going to talk about how much did the credit score of the author go up since he got the credit card, and some suggestions that the author want to give you on the credit card

In this article, I’m going to answer the question that a lot of people has asked me, how much did my credit score go up when I got my credit card.

I joined Credit Karma credit Sesame which are very good sites and I got a Capital One Quicksilver MasterCard which is recommended to me by credit Sesame and Credit Karma. I applied for that card, they initially gave me $500 to start out. After five months of paying your bill on time, they give you a credit increase of $250 minimally, they ended up giving me an increase of $5,000.

It was three months when my score when up 54 points, and I didn’t do anything else to make that and this is with, so I know it went to 54 points because I paid UM to see my score, it’s 29 dollars a month, but I’m a part of credit Sesame Credit Karma and, so I get free reports.

Congratulations for the people that get their credit card, make sure you use it wisely, don’t just spend money, you’re paying a minimum balance, always keep in mind that you are trying to build credit. Don’t let the credit card and the bait companies own you, you need to out of them and keep in mind that you want to be debt-free

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