How to Check Whether US Bank Routing Number Is Valid or Not Capital One Bank Routing

Description: The following article mainly refers to several important information on how to check US Bank capital one routing number so that we can see whether it is valid or not.

The bank routing number is located at the bottom left corner of a check and it is a nine digit number with a check digit which is the last digit, so eight will be the check digit and the check digit is used to check for errors in case it was inputted incorrectly.

The system will check it and verify if it’s valid or not, so the way we’re going to find out this by adding these numbers up together using weights of seven three and nine now, what that means is that I’m going to multiply the first number by seven next one by three the maximum by nine and so on.

For bank routing numbers, we will not use the check digit when I add these together, so let’s start by adding up the first eight digits with sums of seven three and nine note, first of all, these double squares or where the numbers begin this number, that is called a card bar, when it runs through the system, it does start there, it starts at the 1 to 2 and so on.

Let me write these vertically, I think that’s easier, so 1 2 2 1 0 5 2 7 again 8, if not included, I’m going to multiply these by 7 3 & 9 all the way down, ending at three and then multiplying these together, we will get seven 618 7 0 45 14 and 21, so using a calculator, we can add these together, giving us 118 now, what we’re checking for is the last digit which is the check digit, this would be a valid bank routing number.

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