Where Is the Routing and Account Number On A Check? Capital One Bank Routing

Description: The author of the article below mainly wants to tell us something about how to find out where the capital one routing and account numbers are on a check.

This is a Chase Swift and I get this question about where the routing and account number are on a check, so I will show you how to find that out.

I’ve already looked it up, but I’m going to paste in that search and hit enter on Google and the bank routing number in this area, it describes extremely well that the bank routing number is a nine digit code, that’s based on the US bank location where your account was opened.

It’s the first set of numbers printed on the bottom and I’m going to show you, so it’s the first set of numbers printed on the bottom of your checks on the left side, so let’s take a quick look at an image.

You can see exactly what this is all about, here’s a sample check, the first set of numbers, the first nine numbers and it’s only nine, so that’s the routing number, the green is your account number, it will probably be more than nine numbers and that’s great count number.

The last set of the numbers is the check number, so here’s one two three there, so that’s how you can determine what the routing and account number on a check is, those of you are curious about why I do this, I help a lot of people with a lot of things and one of the things I help them with is how to make money online, because that’s what I do and so you might want to check out my website, go to win with a chase comm and it may look like this.

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