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How to Login Your CCISD Student Email Account at

Description: This passage is a tutorial which is aimed at teaching people how to log into and use your CCISD student email account through the microsoft outlook system.

Every student from pre-kindergarten through seniors has their own CCISD account. This email is hosted by microsoft outlook, it is an internal email system, which means you cannot email outside the district to get to your email account.

Click on the outlook icon on your district device, if it is your first time to do this, you might have to click through a setup wizard, outlook will then prompt you for your login information.Your username is your CCISD ID number at CCISD net, your password is your pin number with the two zeros in front.

Once you log in, you will be able to see mail from your teachers or from other students, you can also send email to a teacher or to another student, when you send email, be sure to sign your name, others can only see your email Alias, which is your initials and some numbers, they won’t know who you are unless you sign your name.

When using your ccisd email account, remember that the district can see anything you send or receive, even if you delete it. You can also get to your CCISD email account online by going to portal, and log in the same way. If you need help with your email, ask a teacher or see the campus technician.

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