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The New Features of CCISD4ME at

Description: This passage is mainly focused on the introduction of several features of CCISD4ME which are designed to keep a parent or guardian informed of the child’s academic progress anytime and from anywhere.

The Clear Creek Independent School District believes education is a joint partnership between school and home, that is why we are pleased to announce additional features of CCISD4ME that are designed to keep you informed of your child’s academic progress anytime and from anywhere.

Beginning from October 18th, CCISD4ME will display daily grades, course average grades, and even give you the ability to sign up for email alerts when your child’s average grade falls below a level you select. You can also sign up to receive an email alert when your child misses an assignment, these features are designed to improve parental involvement.

If you are new to CCISD, these are what you will find inside your child’s schedule: teacher’s contact information, course announcements, campus announcements, view your child’s lunch balance, what they’ve had and even make a payment, you can view overdue books in titles upcoming events tailored to where your children go to, school news, that is of interest based on the age of your child.

One of the best features of CCISD4ME is that if you have multiple children in the district, you can access all this information from one dashboard. Log on to CCISD4ME from the district website at www CCISD net. If you already have an account, but don’t remember your password, we’ll reset your account. If you are new to CCISD, click on sign me up, follow the instructions.

It is important that the information you enter matches with what we have on file for your student, we recommend you have your child’s last report card on hand, as it will have all the information you need. If you have multiple children in the district, you will need each child’s last report card. If you have problems, move back, click on the help request, also be sure to read the registration requirements.

Once we have confirmed you are a parent or guardian, your email will be asked for, we will send you a confirmation code that you must use to move forward. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam or junk folders. Then we match you with your student with his or her last report card and the last four digits of his or her social security number.

Please proceed to fill out the file, please use the name and address as it is printed on the report card. If the information does not match what we have on file, you will not be able to proceed. If this happens, please click on the help request link.

Now you can establish your login and password, at this point, you are now registered with CCISD here. Inside CCISD, you will see upcoming events at your child’s campus and district events. If you have more than one student in CCISD, all campus events will be displayed here, you can see a full calendar and print it from your computer, you can also view campus announcements from your child’s school, if you have multiple students in the district, click add a student on the left and follow the instructions.

You can also add your favorite educational links and CCISD stores them for you, we also provide you immediate access to the most popular CCISD resources. Click on your child’s name to view specific information about your child over to the right, you will see your child’s attendance, this does not track tardies, you can view your child’s current lunch balance, add funds to his or her account and view the meal history.

If your child has an overdue book or fines, you will see it here in the center screen, you will see your child’s schedule. Click on the teacher, and you will see contact information on the right of each course, you will see the running grade average which is not official. If you see the letters ng, that means there is no great click on the average grade to see, daily and major grades are color-coded to help you.

Teachers will update grades once a week, we recommend logging on to CCISD on a Friday or Monday to allow teachers ample time to grade assignments. If there are assignments that have not been graded, you should see a due date back on the students main page, you will also see his official report card. If you are a parent of an elementary student, you will be provided a link to the teachers google website for class announcements, if you are a parent of an intermediate or high school student, course announcements can be viewed directly.

Here we encourage parents to click on links which give you access to additional resources and departments, including Naviance family connections. If you want to add any of these links as a favorite, just click on the plus sign and CCISD will automatically save it for you to set up your personal alert notifications on grades or missing assignments simply.

Click on my account in the upper right hand side, click which boxes you prefer and hit save, these preferences will apply to all your children in CCISD. If you do receive an alert, please be mindful that the teacher’s schedule, CCISD and the alert system are not intended to serve as a replacement of a parent-teacher conference or personal phone calls. If you click on my account section, you can also update your contact information for your protection, remember to sign out when you are done.

We hope you enjoy the additional features of our improved parent portal, if you have questions, please feel free to contact us at information at CCISD net or call to 81-840020.

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