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Three CCISD Schools Under Construction on Track to Open Next Fall Portal

Description: The passage is about the ccisd-portal, containing the information about three CCISD schools under construction on track to open next fall which is going to provide more chances to get close to new technologies and benefit students a lot.

It’s a Southside construction project. That’s so big. In a year the finished product will have more than a thousand CCISD students. We’re talking about combining South Park middle school and Cunningham middle school.

The construction site is next to the existing South Park Middle School on McArdle Road near Cass stories and our Sylvia Martinez.

Both schools are outdated by more than half a century. That’s why district officials decided to consolidate the schools. It’s a way that they can keep kids safe and also offer them better access to technology.

This doesn’t look much like a school now but this construction site is the consolidation of South Park and Cunningham middle school. The beginning of the structure is going to be the academic portion. Two-story structure is the active academic portion. Closer to us is going to be the Fine Arts. On the far side and on the near side is going to be the Athletics.

Taxpayers voted to merge the two schools in 2016. Both of them are more than 50 years old. The new construction allows for technology and safety features.

That would have been too expensive in the old schools like wiring the campus for Wi-Fi and installing a secure entrance and exit construction. Crews have finished with all of the underground work, the plumbing, the electrical and the foundation.

Foundation is a huge part. They have Belle piers that go anywhere between 15 and 20 feet into the ground. Construction started last October and by next fall it will be ready for 1,200 students. You can drive down SPID and you can see this building on the internet. It’s going to continue to grow and get bigger.

Once the new school is up and running. There will demolish the Old South Park school site. They’re going to use it as an athletic field for the new school. Cunningham school will also be demolished but the district is going to be kept for future use.

Back in 2016 the voters also approved the construction of a new campus for Baker middle school. That project is a little bit behind schedule. School district officials say that crews are working every other Saturday now and should be back on schedule soon. The new middle school is also set to open in August of 2019.

The new building will also have a secured entrance and exit. It will also have upgraded technology including Wi-Fi. Meanwhile construction on the new Windsor Park Elementary School is ahead of schedule. It’s also scheduled to open in 2019.

This project is part of CCISD’s 2014 bond issue. School district officials tell us the new campus will be a big upgrade. Meanwhile the Winter Park students are currently attending Kakaako Wilson Elementary. When they get to the new building they’re going to have state-of-the-art of computers. It’s access to other new technologies.

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