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Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card Review Activate Card

Description: This is a passage about chase activate card which intends to introduce the chase freedom unlimited credit card. The author will tell his own experience and recommend this card which is great for rewards, balance, transferring cash value, bonus and perks.

I am here to give you a quick review of chase freedom unlimited credit card. They offer 1.5% cash back on all purchases. They have no annual fee and within the first 15 months of having this card, you’ll have a 0% APR interest rate. They require a good credit score from 690 to 850. I personally have been using this card for about one year. I have to say it’s awesome. I love it.

This card is great for rewards, balance, transferring cash value with low interest 0% APR and improving and sustaining your good credit score.

Let’s start with the 0% APR for 15 months. It is ideal if you want to make some purchases, you can pay off within that 15 months time. It’s great to have that 0% interest. It starts from 16 point to 4% and goes all the way up to 24 point nine nine percent. There are many variables that go into this your credit score, how well you pay off the interest and how much you use the card.

These offers are subject to change. I notice that my APR is slightly lower than the advertised amount on chase. That’s because I got this card one and a half years ago to two years ago.

Let’s talk about the transfer balance. The cost of a transfer is five dollars or five percent. Whichever is greater, keep it easy. If you’re transferring $1000, your fee would be fifty dollars. It is at 0% APR for accruing interest on a different credit card.

It’s great to transfer that balance over once you open up the chase freedom unlimited card to get that 0% interest. One thing to remember is that this does not include balances that are transferring over from different chase credit cards. It only includes balances transferred from different banks like Wells Fargo Bank of America and any other bank out there.

Next let’s talk about that bonus offer. You get one hundred and fifty dollars if you spend five hundred dollars within the first three months of opening. There’s also an extra twenty five dollar bonus if you add your first authorized user within the three month period.

They offer some more perks if you refer a friend. You get a hundred dollars for each friend. You refer up to five hundred dollars a year. It is easy to do regarding the 1.5% cash back. That is available on all purchases. Anywhere you go and anything you spend on that credit card, you’re getting 1.5% cash back.

If I go over to Home Depot and buy some wood, I get 1.5% cash back, they offer airline Redemption with the four major airlines in the United States, Delta American Airlines or United and Hawaiian Airlines.

If you’re traveling outside of the country, you are able to use their global airline partners as well. There are also gift cards Redemption. You have Home Depot Sephora for the ladies. There’s Jiffy Lube Amazon. It’s up to 177 different gift cards and also Buffalo Wild Wings which we will get after the show.

Let’s get that Buffalo. Dry rub those points which do not expire. There is no minimum required for the redemption. Regardless of the fact that you have one point or 1000 points, you can redeem that for cashback value. There is an important note you can’t earn. The rewards points on the existing balance transferred over from different credit cards onto your chase unlimited freedom card only from the amount spent on your chase and limited freedom card.

There is a 3% fee for any transactions that are done outside of the United States. If you spend $1,000, you can have to pay a $30 on top of that which is not too bad. But there are a lot of other credit cards out there that offer better. In fact, there are no foreign transaction fees.

There are some additional perks to having the credit card. There’s zero liability protection, chip-enabled security and purchase protection. You also have the extended warranty now. This is cool, so they offer one year on top of the original manufacturer’s warranty. If it is three years or less on that warranty or if you’re four years, you’re out of luck.

If you purchase an Apple product before a Playstation on your chase freedom unlimited credit card with that 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, chase will add on two years instead of one year. That’s great. They also have auto rental collision damage waiver. You have to decline the coverage offered by the rental company in order to go into effect.

The chase coverage is the second to your personal insurance. The bottom line is that if you’re a millennial, this card is perfect for you. This card is great if you’re a normal spending. If you’re spending within the country, you’re not traveling a lot or you’re using it for day-to-day purchases, it’s awesome to get those 1.5% cash back rewards.

If you’re planning on traveling a lot or acquiring large business expenses, the chase freedom unlimited card may not be ideal for you. There are some cards out there that offer better point redemption. This card is tailored for the average Joe. Overall, this is a great card and I would definitely recommend it for you.

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