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Chase Sapphire Preferred And Reserve Perks Benefits And Best For Travel

Description: The article below is about chase activate card, which mainly shows us the differences between Chase Sapphire Preferred card and Chase Sapper Reserve card from the aspects of bonus, points, purchase protection, warranty and reimbursement.

Today I will be comparing my Chase Sapphire Preferred card to my Chase Sapper Reserve card. I will let you know which is the best card to use today.

Before we even talk about credit cards, we need to talk about the points that you can possibly get when applying for these cards. As of early 2018, both cards have a 50000 point bonus on their cards, which means that you can possibly get $500 from applying for the card spending $4,000 within the first three months. Before you make your decision, you have to know about the annual fees.

In the first year, Chase Sapphire Preferred will have no annual fee, but after that, you will have a ninety five dollar annual fee. The card chase sapper reserve will have a four hundred and fifty dollar annual fee for the first year. There’s no getting around.

I’m not going to talk about pointers on how to get these cards. I’m going to talk about the facts you cannot apply for this card. Don’t even apply if you’ve already received five credit cards within the last 24 months.

It’s a new world. It’s called the 524 rule. If you have five new personal credit cards within the last 24 months, don’t even apply the second thing. Regarding the points on either one of these cards is valuable. You can only get the bonus if you do not have the other card. So you cannot have to open sapphire cards open and get the bonus. That’s the first thing.

The second thing is that you cannot get that 50,000 bonus if you’ve already received a bonus from a previous Sapphire card within the last 24 months. When traveling out of the country maybe Mexico or Canada, there’s no foreign fee. So when you were using your other cards and these little transaction fee on your capital one card, you’re not going to get those transaction fee with these cards.

The biggest difference is on the point. You can accumulate on dieting and on travel. What that means is that on the Sapphire Preferred card every time you swipe this when you go to Taco Bell and you buy your tacos, you’re going to get two times the points on dining purchases or travel purchases. When you swipe this chase sapper reserve card at the same location, you get three times the points on dining or on travel.

We’re getting two times the points against three times the points. Both of these cards share the same benefits, but there’s going to be some tweaks when you book your ticket. Later I’m going to book a ticket online.

You have $10,000 trip reimbursement, so when you’re booking online Priceline or when you’re booking by calling a travel agent, they always asked you for if you want to pay for insurance. Don’t pay for insurance when you book using this card. If you can’t make the trip, both of these cards will reimburse your travel. Any type of hotel accommodations is up to $10,000.

Both of these cards also have auto rental insurance. You get up to the rental booth and they want you to pay for the extra insurance. Do not worry. Both of these cards provide insurance.

The third one is that there’s going to be a slight variation, Vegas Julie. By taking this Chase Sapphire Preferred card you get to the airport. You and your family are excited for your vacation Disney world.

Your bag isn’t there. If you haven’t received your bag on this card past six hours, they will give you $100 a day up to five days. On the chase preferred card to buy things will help you survive. On this card, it shares the same benefit, but they give you up to $3,000 for lost luggage.

The next is flight delays. We’ve all had situations where your flight gets delayed. You’re sitting at the terminal and they come on the speaker to tell you there’s a snowstorm. If your flight delayed more than 12 hours, on the preferred card, you will get a voucher. You will get credit for $500 per day per ticket for hotel accommodations and food.

The only difference is that you have to be delayed up to six hours on the reserved cards. You might have heard about purchase protection. Let me make it clearer. You buy an item. You walk out of the store. Within the first four months if that item disappears, the chase preferred card will cover you up to $500. The chase reserve card will cover you up to ten thousand dollars.

Extend a warranty. You bought your iPhone 10. This comes with the one-year warranty. Something of warranty issue happens to it. On both of these cards, they will add an additional one-year to the original warranty. Finally no one talks about this and more people should be talking about this.

It’s about 90 days return. You bought something at a store or you bought something online after 30 days, you are not happy with it. According to the return policy that time is 30 days. Both of these cards will take back your item and give you up to $500. That creates a return period not up to 30 days but up to 90 days.

Which is the four hundred and fifty dollar annual fee? You have to ask yourself. I still don’t know. If I want to pay that extra four hundred plus dollars annual fee, this card has something called the Visa Infinite logo on there. When I looked at the other card, it has signature logo. I did a quick research. With this card, there is a whole load of other perks.

The first one is for travelers. You have $300 statement credit when you use this card. What that means is that every anniversary year you take this card to swipe. For example, I want to book a plane ticket to Las Vegas and that flight cost me $200. Chase will reimburse me that $20.

You have $300 credit towards travel in the 12-month period every anniversary year. There’s a high chance that you’re going to be traveling above over $200. So that’s going to bring down your 450 dollar annual fee and subtract off $300 per year. It brings down the total to 150.

The next is for people who travel overseas on work or business. Global Entry and pre TSA are two programs that allows you to quickly get into the country or leave the country quickly. But both of those have $100 fee. The chase reserve card gives you that $100 feedback every four years. They’re paying you for your application for your global entry fee or your pre TSA credit.

This is a big one and I’ve used this. I’m excited to tell you about this secret world that maybe you are aware of. This has a relationship with Priority Pass select. Priority Pass select has over 1,000 airport lounges in the US. When you’re going on your family trip to Disneyland and you’re rushing through the airport with your kids, you see these mysterious lounges.

With this card, you’re able to go into these lounges which have up to two drinks or more and have a quiet relaxed environment. You can go to these lounges to separate yourself unwind before you board your plane.

Another thing to talk about with these lounges is that when you’re about to fly somewhere, go on to Priority Pass select and look on their website outside of the lounges on most major airports. They also have restaurants and have a relationship with Portland where I’m from. PDX has a relationship with three restaurants where you can go in and they will give you a twenty eight dollar credit.

The next is traveling. I don’t do a lot of card rentals, but the reserved card has a relationship with national Avis and silver cards. The perks on those is that you’re going to get better rates if you need to rent a card.

The next perk on this card is called the luxury hotel and resort collection. When you are about to book through a chases website, chase will immediately recognize that you want to use these points. What will happen is that it will take you to a page which gives you the ability. But it gives you ability to get free room upgrades, to get free continental breakfast and the ability to check in early and check out later.

This is part of their perks. The final one on this card is very important. We’re seeing a lot more of this in the news recently. You have up to one hundred thousand dollars for evacuation of a foreign country. I have personally seen a lot of things on news in Mexico. I’ve been to Mexico a few times for family trips.

I’ve had no problems. There were great memories with the family. But I’ve seen some articles where people have had some situations arise in foreign countries where you need to be physically evacuated out of the country. This is the worst possible situation.

Leaving the country safely is the top priority. But eventually, there’s going to be a bill. No one’s there for free. what the Reserve card does is covering that evacuation up to $100,000. If you’re going to have to choose between both cards, I recommend the Sapphire reserve cards.

If you look at the bonus, I want to go back to the bonus. Because I haven’t talked about this enough. Both of these cards have a 50,000 point bonus. I already gave you that three hundred dollar credit travel credit. I talked about the $100 fee that you’re going to credit on for pre TSA. I talked about all these things. Hopefully, you believe adds up to the 450. It’s compared to zero the first year and 95 the second year.

The biggest difference is when you go online to use your points, you need to go through chases website to book these points. When you go through chases website, Chase will give you a 25% bonus on the preferred card. To put that in context again, 50,000 points equal $500.

Second, you go on to book a hotel or book airplane flight. It changes to six hundred and twenty five dollars on the preferred card. The moment you go onto chases website and you book using this card and these points, you will get a 50% bonus. 50% means that your 50,000 points equal five hundred dollars when you booked through chases website and use these points.

That will now increase to seven hundred and fifty dollars. Six hundred and twenty-five dollars and seven hundred fifty bucks are so much. There’s a hundred and twenty-five difference by doing the identical thing, which is booking a trip using your points with all chase cards.

From my own experience, you can transfer your planes to the preferred or to the reserved back and forth. You can transfer all of your points from this card or to this card and book your ticket. I’m going to show you a ticket. I’m in a book to show you how the points increase by 50% and how easy it is to use your points that you worked hard to get.

I signed on to my Chase to come. I’m going to click redeem for travel. I’ve already collected my bonus point. This trip is going to be paid through my bonus. My count has 74,000 points roughly. That’s almost seven hundred and four forty dollars roughly. You can immediately see that using the reserve card it equaled 1113. That’s almost a four hundred dollar add-on by booking through chases portal.

I’ve now used twenty four thousand six hundred forty points that equals this amount. As I said earlier, if you look at in the most literal sense, the fifty percent bonus that Chase gave me for booking through the reserve card is much enough for this flight.

I got done using the Chase Sapphire Reserve card to book my trip. I feel comfortable if there is emergency, if there’s a flight delayed or if I lose my luggage. You have to make the decision. It’s not a good idea to have both cards, the chase preferred card and the chase reserve card at the same time. Because they overlap each other if you were to make a decision on what card to keep and what card not to keep. I would keep the chase reserve card. It has so many benefits. The four hundred and fifty dollar fee is scary to think about initially. But it doesn’t make sense to keep your chase preferred card. For me, I’m keeping my reserve.

Thank you for reading. I hope this helped you.

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