Chase Carter’s Feeling of Being Swimsuit Rookie Rooting For Redskins and Women In Sports Sports Illustrated

Description: This article is an interview with Chase Carter, one of the Sports Illustrated 2018 swimsuit rookies, in which she’s going to talk about her feeling of being one of them and her opinions of the girls in modern society.

We are here with Chase Carter, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit rookie.

So what does it mean to be being one of the Sports Illustrated 2018 swimsuit rookies? This is something that I’ve dreamed to be, when it came true, it felt like someone pintched my breath, I couldn’t believe this is all happening. All of a sudden, I found that I was shooting in the Bahamas, the place where I was born, it is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me.

As you mentioned that you are from Bahamas, and that’s where the shoot take place, so what was the shoot like for you? I had to remind myself that I was from the island, and I was shooting at the place where I was born and raised for the whole life. So under this pressure, I got nervous and anxious, I want to impress everyone and I don’t know how everything’s going to be, it was torrential downpours. My first shot was rain, my makeup and hair got ruined, but it made a cool dramatic different type of scenery for my shots.

I saw the video of you playing soccer, I knew that you grew up playing lots of different sports, so what kind of sports were you playing. In Bahamas, there’s nothing else to do but to play sports, or do your homework, and the homework was not for me, so I grew up playing all kinds of sports for my school, because we don’t have a lot of people in our school, I think there were 45 people in my grade and my sister had six people in her grade, so it was ridiculous.

So at our school , the coaches would bribe you, they would tell you that you don’t have to go to practice, if you play for the basketball team, so I said okay, and I was the starter on every sports team, because of the lack of players and good athletes.

So you have a blog, and I went through it, you had a post called girl’s talk, where you talk about a conversation that you had with your dad about sports and women in sports, why don’t you talk about the conversation? So I was on the phone with my dad and he was asking me why I don’t do stuffs that girls like, and I was feeling offended.

So I told him, excuse me, everyone wants a girl to mold into what they think a woman should do and talk about, and I know the transition was difficult because society doesn’t think girls know sports, because we are not playing on the NFL or in the NBA, that’s ridiculous and absurd, I’m not a girl like that, I can’t sit there and talk about outfits because I don’t even know a designer.

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