How to Get A Subtle Smoky Eye Using Plum and Gold Tones with Chase Carter

Description: This article is going to show you how to get a subtle smoky eye using plum and gold tones with Chase Carter.

We’re with the gorgeous Chase Carter and I’m going to show you how to get a subtle smoky eye using plum and gold tones.

So I’m going to start by prepping Chase’s skin with Nivea micellar water, it removes any oils dirt impurities and it leaves no residue, so I can get my base on beautifully smoothly and it leads the skin soft.

It is also great to wipe the micellar water across the eyelids, it helps to get rid of all the oil which allows that eyeshadow to last a lot longer because oil doesn’t build up throughout the day while you’re wearing it and let it crease and sometimes I use this to clean up any mistakes when I’m doing a strong smoky eye.

The next thing I’m going to do is hydrate the skin using one of my favorite products which is called quarterly, it’s a French brand, it leaves the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. So next up we’re going to use Amberleigh’s and I’m going to massage that into Chase’s skin and this is a beautiful moisturizer, it is also a French brand and I love this because it is hydrating and if you want the skin to be plump, gorgeous and glowing this is a moisturizer that I definitely recommend.

I’m popping on Mecca Cosmetica Lip De-Lucious which is my favourite and I let that soak in while we’re doing skin prep and by the time when makeups are all finished, the lips are ready to go.

Next I’m going to buff in one of my favorite products by MAC Cosmetics, it’s a strobe cream and I’m popping this on straight under the foundation, you can also use this product mixed through the foundation and then you can buff it into the foundation Once that’s already applied on top, so there’s so many different ways, as you can see, Chase’s cheekbones are starting to glow and if you want extra jewelry finish, this is a product that you can add to your routine.

Now I’m applying George Armani luminous silk foundation number six to the center of Chaser’s face, I’m blending outwards with my Mac duo fiber brush, it’s one of my favorites because it’s buildable and natural-looking, it’s lightweight, you can target certain areas and make sure you have enough coverage. If you’ve got any darkness under the eyes or if you’ve got blemishes, it wears well and it doesn’t get too oily on red carpets and in shoots, it looks like skin.

Now we come into Tom Ford shade and illuminate, it is one of my other favorite products and I’m just going to lightly contour and highlight Chase’s cheekbones, jawline and temple. I’m keeping it light and going to give her a little bit of a bronzed glow to the cheeks.

The next I’m going to use is Shu Uemura eyelash curler and make sure the lashes are cold, so I’m brushing the brow hairs up and I’m going to fill them in with mac cosmetics brows and fling. I love this crayon because you wind it up when it runs down, so you’d have to sharpen it and it’s natural, it makes the brows look quite feathery, it creates a really really soft beautiful brow.

So I’m going to add a little bit more dimension to those brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills brow Pro palette and I’m using an angle brush and I’m giving the ends of those brows and the center a little bit more depth. So I’m mixing the colors up just to make it look realistic. I’m coming in with NARS clear brow gel to set the brows in place, I love finishing with a brow gel because it makes sure that the brows look perfect.

What I’m going to do now is to come in with the NARS creamy concealer in custard with a fluffy brush, I’m mainly popping this under the eyes to bounce a bit of light and to give it a little bit more dimension because I’ve made the cheeks bronzy and putting a lighter foundation underneath with the concealer is going to add the beautiful glow. The difference between the skin tones adds to the entire look.

Now I’m prepping the eyelids with a Mac Paint Pot in natural and this is a great base for the eye, you’re going to buff that in into the crease with a fluffy brush, I think it’s a 2-1 7 for Mac. Now I’m coming in with a brand new palette from NARS, it’s called kuala lumpar, it’s a gold and a plummy color together, so I’m giving the entire lid a wash of that gold color and I’m going to run that gold color just underneath and inward a little and what I find is by doing that, it can make you look more awake.

Now I’ve got a soft fluffy brush and I’m going to pop a little bit of that plum tone into the crease and I’m buffing it up in windscreen washer motions, back and forth, then I come back in with a clean brush and I generally would go back over that again until all the edges are blended. I’m going to run a little bit underneath the lower lash line with a more dense brush to pack that color in. I like these tones on Chase because of her blue eyes, it makes the colors pop.

I wasn’t planning on doing a liner for this look, but I thought it’d add a little bit more punch, so I’m going in with Mac Cosmetic Teddy liner, this is a chocolatey bronzy brown color, it’s a great alternative to black and it gives you a little bit of definition without being too harsh. It makes a little bit more impact on the eyes, so I’m running that on the upper and the lower lash line and then I come back in and I’m going to sponge that out a little bit.

I chose to use Mac Cosmetic Haute and Naughty Mascara because it seems too black, it’s got the double end wand. I’m running that on the upper and the lower lashes using my Mac Cosmetics fan brush, so now I’ve done the eyes.

I want to come back in a little bit of extra blow to those cheekbones, so I am using Marc Jacobs Beauty Glow stick, I either pop it on a brush or on my fingers and press it into the skin, it’s also great on collarbones, on arms or on legs.

So after looking at the eyes, I’ve decided that I needed a bit more and I’m going to add Stila Cosmetics matte and metal eyeshadow palette, I’m using warm brown tone with a soft fluffy brush and I’m packing that into the crease particularly mortal of the inner eye, it is going to create a little bit more definition around her eyelid.

I’ve also decided just to smoke out the lower lash line a little bit as well with that warm brown tone, we’re going to do an enhance lip color today, so I’m lining chasers lips with MAC Cosmetics Sub Culture lip pencil, this is a gorgeous color to have in your beauty collection or in your makeup kit for the natural look.

I’m going to then top that up with Nars lip gloss in Chihuahua and just to finish, I’m using Mac Cosmetics Mineralize Skin Finish Powder in medium dark and then just adding a little bit of extra Benefit Hoola Bronzer to the cheekbones, temples and jawline, it’s benefit of all the bronzer.

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