Self Introduction of Chase Carter of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in Casting Call

Description: This article is self introduction of Chase Carter of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2017 casting call, she tells us about how she signed with the current agency and three people she wants to have dinner with.

I’m chase Carter and I’m from Nassau Bahamas. I was actually 13 years old at the airport in Sydney Australia and I was scouted by this woman and she told me that she was going to introduce me to five agencies in New York and I said okay and she did, then I signed with IMG later, that’s where I’m at and it’s been amazing ever since.

I played every sport for my school and I put my whole heart and soul into it. If possible, there are three people I want to have dinner with are LeBron James, Kevin Hart and the Rock Johnson. I would play arm-wrestle with the Rock Johnson, for Kevin Hart, I want to hear what he says and then LeBron, I would talk his ear off about sports and then about how he gets picked on a lot.

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