Chrisley Is from USA Chrisley Knows Best NBC Red Carpet AfterBuzz TV Interview

Description: The article is about the content of a TV interview about chase Chrisley age, containing the information by the interviewers saying something related to her family, including the family life and the thoughts they have.

We have a mutual respect for each other, we love each other and you don’t have to agree with everything, how would you describe your family?

You have been married for almost 20, I think a lot of people don’t hang in there, it’s not always roses, but at the end of the day, we love each other, we’re friends, I think we had an expectation of each other at the beginning, both of us have lived up to those expectations.

let’s be honest, you sometimes want to Rick, what do you want the viewers to get out of your show. I hope that the viewers will see that that you’ll learn something from the way that we’re doing certain things and we learn from things that we see on television from other families.

I hope you find 30 minutes so fun and humorous, you can escape from your own world, I know what it feels like to have kids screaming and fight and then having to cook dinner, it’s everyday with George Clooney.

I hope you can find that fun, when you heard that your family has a reality show, what was going through your head for it, I was excited, I don’t know what to expect, but I’ve had fun, I was scared about putting everything out there for everyone to see.

But after the first week, you forgot cameras were around and you started thinking I should said yes, but you keep going, you’re not going to get away with anything, do you think that everything your dad does is too strict.

You can’t put your fingers on in one thing response, he likes to tell us what to do and give us orders, you’re 18 now, let’s do a little shout out, I heard there are a lot of dramas.

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