Family Feud Chrisleys and Whitleys Chase Chrisley

Description: The article primarily indicates us some information about chase chrisley and family feud, the author introduces many of his family members and shares more things about his family life.

It’s the first answer, there’s no way you could get this wrong name, you can make breathing, you have no strikes music, we got to striker, you got to be careful, this time is Rodney, this time to crystally family cochineal, two strikes.

It is the first answer on the board name, a way you can make bathing a sexy experience, I have done this before you took a bath with the woman, that’s the part answer, Whitley’s are moving on, we will play fast money max.

It’s time to play family from the overwintering network, it’s the razing Whitley family, it’s the Chris Lee family folks, the Whitley’s and your Chris Lee’s are playing for up to ten thousand dollars, it’s for their favorite charity furnished by

I will introduce your family even though this is not your family, I’ve been knowing you for years, you’re not related to any of these people, here’s my Hollywood husband, he buys me cars and houses and I’ll have to sleep with him and this is Rodney Rodney, this is Stacy, she is our family cook, but we like to call her the microwave queen.

We have Harold Harold who is my trusty assistant, what charity is your family? We are playing for Hope Foundation, let’s meet the Chris Lee family, there’s my wife Julie, we’ve been there for 35 years, this is my middle son, if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t marry, that’s my middle daughter Savannah who’s 17, this is my oldest daughter Lindsay.

I wouldn’t have married my first wife, let’s play feud, I’m not playing coming up, here’s a question, we surveyed 100 theme park goers, we have the top five answers on the board, they don’t play, you don’t get it.

I’m ready, three seconds, Savannah, she didn’t even say anything, we got two strikes, you got to be careful, Lindsey, name something people pick, you got two strikes, their teeth, their teeth table.

You should be careful, you got two strikes, Kim’s family can still name something people pick, their hair, that was a good one, here’s your chance to steal, there are two answers left, let’s reveal the remaining asset, the Whitley’s are up, but it’s still anybody’s game, the Whitley’s got 80.

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