Chase Chrisley Talks About the Kardashians Fame and More in the Interview

Description: This article is going to be talking abut the opinions of Chase Chrisley about reality TV show and his own shows, as well as his ideas about Kardashians and fame.

Right now we are here with Chase Chrisley. How’s the show going? It was great, it released the last part of the third season. So now you are the number one in the realty TV show, it is crazy, you are over the Kardashians. What does it feel?

We still have a long way to go, and I don’t think we are over them by any means. So do you think you have reached the level of fame of Kardashian? I wouldn’t hate that, and that is a goal. I think the show of them is more like a drama and your show is full of funny things. What you have showed is all about your family, it’s not on stage, they are all real things.

So there are some people who are thinking that the reality TV stars have no talent? I think it needs a special type of person for people to be interested, the Kardashians is what people want to watch, and they are all beautiful.

I think that my family is very relatable, so if you see people play it in this way, for example, you will see my family play in another way, we deal with this all together. I think I do have a lot of talent, I’m doing music right now, a lot of real estate, those are something that people may not want to see, it’s like a behind scene talent.

So a lot of people have asked about last year when you got Chloe, your brother’s daughter, are your parents still working on it, have they got any progress? Is it getting better or worse? Kyle is on his own journey, so my parents have full custody of Chloe, and I wish nothing but the best. I love her, she’s my angel.

I saw this on TMZ, and it indicates that you and Maria are really close, is that true? Is there anyone in your life? No, we are only friends and I’m single right now and I love it. It is hard to chase someone these days, you don’t know what they want and it’s hard to figure out what people are thinking.

I have to say your shows are really interesting, and if someone who has never watched your video, and when they saw it, they would feel it very hilarious and real.

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