Chrisley Knows Best of Chase Chrisley and Girlfriend Brooke Noury Break Up Get the Details

Description: This article is an interview of Todd Chrisley, the father of Chase Chrisley, there are some questions for him about his thoughts and plans.

I don’t know top five gifts, I always get the same gift from my kids every year which is a handwritten letter, I tell them I buy what I want, I buy what I like, so don’t buy me a gift, what you can give me is worth more than what I could go out here and purchase, write me a letter tell me what I’m doing right ,tell me what I’m doing wrong. It was a tradition that we started when they were young and they still do it. Now I personally think they’re doing it because they’re cheap.

We want to get your top on screen dads that you feel that they are killing it in the parenting game. Todd chrisley. Because I’m present, I show up every day and I feel that we don’t have a lot of that right now on the TV.

What are you most excited for the Father’s Day that is coming next month? I am looking forward to spending time with my kids, with my two grandkids, spending time with my wife and we’ve got a busy year ahead of us, so I mean I don’t spend a whole lot of time on the holidays because I’m too focused on what I’ve got to get checked off my list.

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