A look at Yankees Third Baseman Chase

Description: This article is going to show you a brief introduction to third baseman Chase Headley

by Yankees Magazine profiles who hopes to have a strong season for the team in 2015.

Tremendous plays are great when they happen. Those don’t happen all that often. It’s more often that you lose a game and you miss a ball that you should have caught now.

With his first full season, Yankees is hoping to get production from Headley that he provided a few years ago for San Diego where he belted 31 homers and drove in 115 runs.

He is working on some things that he did that season with the Yankees hitting coach Jeff Pentland having done. His switch hitting bat in the lineup is also a help for the Yankees.

He joined the team last July and become a spark in the lineup on the first day.

He lost a few home runs in San Diego.The confidence of not having to do more to try to add on or swing a little bit harder generally makes you a better hitter. In New York last season Chase Headley made an immediate impact on the Yankees with the bat and the glove.

This off season, Chase will be patrolling the hot corner in the Bronx and the Yankees envision that his left-handed bat will play well in Yankee Stadium.

Chase Headley enjoyed his time in the bronx last season and he was traded to the Yankees from San Diego on July 22nd. He has been long coveted by the Yankees organization and they were so impressed by what he can do on the field that they recited him this off season to a year deal.

He was one of those people who are never to experience New York. He wanted to come back. New York is an organization that the goal every year is to win a World Championship, as a player, he was thrilled to have the opportunity to come back.

Headley brings his Gold Glove caliber skills to third base for the Yankees last season. He works tirelessly on his defense. There’s a lot more pitching and defensive game now than in the past, so he takes a lot of pride in it. He works really hard.

As a defender, he wants to make every single and the great play happen. He also wants to work and put himself in the best position. He tries to make every single routine play and that’s why he wins games.

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