NYYBOS Headley Cut Down at Third Tempers Flare Chase

Description : This is a review of a baseball game. Headley made a baserunning blunder, he tried to turn 2 bases into 3 with no outs and a three run deficit. Headley enjoyed throwing tantrums over where he’s obviously wrong.

Two outs. If we start it hundred years from now, what are they going to say ? They’re going to say
Headley’s going to have an extra base here and put another dent to the grave again. Bradley kidney is too close to the wall. He thinks he’s safe.

I was thrown by Jenny Bradley Junior. Off the Green Monster, it hits off of that ledge and ricochets over Bradley’s head. He thought of trying to throw to the cutoff man there.

We got something going on in the field. Headley was yelling at Porcello. Somebody said something that somebody didn’t like.

Keep looking for Billy and Greg Nettles. Headley is fairly mild mannered, but he is obviously fired up. The possibility of his being out is not setting well with him to begin with.

If anybody says something, it might be Porcello. Because it looks like he was the man who was showing anger. Everything’s calm down here.

From another angle, it seems they got him on the shoulder, then he comes off the bag. He got his left hand back when they caught him on the shoulder.

That’s home plate umpire Todd Tichenor on the rotation of the umpires who hustles down. He can’t say he was out of position.

It is hard to tell whether they got him or not. They’re going to say he’s out, the Yankees are not choosing the challenge. It was a throw. He threw that ball from deep right-center field without setting himself.

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