Chase Business Ink Card Review Best Business Credit Card Chase Ink

Description: This article is a brief review on the Chase Business Ink Card, it will explain you why it is the best card in the market with some of its features compared to other cards.

Today I wanted to do a review of the chase business ink card, the best business card, I am going to go through why I think so.

First of all, you are able to use the Chase ultimate rewards with the chase business Inc which are my favorite, you’re able to combine your points with the Chase Sapphire Preferred or the reserve, so there are a lot of opportunities to stack and a lot of points. At this current time, this is the highest signup bonus for any chase card which is an 80,000 point signup bonus after $5,000 minimum spend in the first three months.

It might be a little higher, but it is achievable, it is much less than a comparable card like the American Express business platinum which require about a $20,000 spend before you hit the full bonus.

Now there is a 95-dollar annual fee that you have to pay the first year, there is no foreign transaction fees, so it is a business card as well as a travel card, which means that there are quite a few point earning categories.

You get your three times points with shipping purchase, internet cable and phone services, if you’re an online business owner and you are doing any kind of advertising, you can rack up a lot of points quickly, so that’s something beneficial.

Here is something I want to point out which is you get a six hundred dollar claim on cell phone. If it’s stolen or damaged, as long as you just pay your bill with this card and you get insurance through this card. There are some other standard things in here, liability protection, no foreign transaction fees, purchase protection, trip cancellations and insurance auto rental collision damage waiver.

So I think this is the best business card out there and if you are not familiar business cards, this is nice to get. But to get this card, you have to be under five cards in 24 months.

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