Chase Ink Business Cash Card Review Chase Ink

Description: This is a review of Chase Ink Business Cash Card, which shows you the benefits of this card that is a good option for business owners.

Today we’re going to talk about the Chase Ink business cash back credit card.

It’s not a bad option especially for a small business owner, if you spend $3,000 in the first 90 days of having a card, they give you a $300 cash back bonus. In general, you get 5% on up to $25,000 in a given year that you might spend on phone services cable or Internet services. You also get 2% on a $25,000 on gas or restaurant expenditures and then 1% on everything else and you can redeem that for cash back for travel gift cards.

You can also get employees added on for free with extra cards, so if you want to delegate responsibilities for purchasing, that can work very well getting to finances, you have no annual fee or transaction fees.

APR is 0% for 12 months then it goes to 14.24% to 24.24% and that will be the same in terms of introductory, standard for the balance transfer and the balance transfer fee. We have $5 or 5% cash advance, APR is 25.99%, the fee for that is $15 for 5% and then the default APR would be 29.99%, late fee of up to $39.

You might have noticed the cash advanced is a little bit higher than normal, my biggest piece of advice is whether it’s a business or just an individual, do not get behind in payments whether it may be on loans or credit cards, you have to avoid any sort of interest charges.

I have heard some complaints about this card, they say the redemption of points isn’t as they advertise to be, when you’re trying to pay with points, you have to factor in that. If you’re trying to transfer a balance to get the zero percent rate, they are going to charge you 5% which is high so if you transfer a large amount, you’re probably going to pay that one-time fee before you can get the lower APR rate.

But nothing’s perfect, I think this card would work well for a small business owner and a larger business owner.

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