Chase Ink Business Preferred Should You Get This Travel Rewards Card? Chase Ink

Description: This passage is mainly focusing on the Chase Ink Business card which is also a travel rewards card, it will introduce you the benefits and features of this card.

Today we’re talking Travel Awards credit cards which is the Chase Ink card.

The chase ink card is a business card, it is a great for the business, they’re a little flexible. When it comes to business, if you have an eBay business or an Amazon business, you can qualify for this card. I have the older version of this card and I was able to sign up online, they put me at a pending and then I had to call in and give them some more information, they were able to give me the card.

So you might be in a situation where you have an online business, you don’t have much to show, how much income you’re bringing, so they might want to know a little more information. But if you’re able to get this card.

First off, you get 80,000 bonus points which is a chase ultimate rewards, you have to spend $5,000 within the first three months and that’s equivalent to about $1,000 in travel points or in travel value, there is an annual fee of $95, there’s no foreign transaction fees, so you don’t have to pay in another.

The best of this card is the point values, you get three times points for the first $150,000 that you spin. So if you have a small business, you’re going to do it; if you have a larger business, you’re going to go over the $150,000, but this is where you can get some good benefit.

If you’re doing travel including airfare, hotel room, car, train tickets, taxis as well as shipping purchases, you’re getting three times points for those with this card. If you use this credit card with the Chase Sapphire Preferred of Chase Sapphire Reserve, then you’re now able to get three times points on a lot a wider variety of things.

If I’m transferring these points over to 980 Alliance or some different programs from my chase Inc card, I’m going to get one point over on the United Airlines site, you’re going to get the same value, you’re not going to lose any value when you transfer points.

If you have employees working for you, you want to give them a credit card, you can set the limit so they only have a certain amount of money that they can spin, but they will have points to use for their travel.

You have cell phone protection for theft or damage which is up to $600 per claim and it’s $100 deductible that you have to pay, you can do three claims every year. All in all, that’s a great credit card, you can balance it with another travel rewards credit card and maximize the amount of points that you bring in.

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