Chases Scary Dentist Giant Candy Playdoh Doctor Drill and Fill teeth Feisty Pets

Description: This article is mainly talking about three games, the scary dentist and giant candy as well Dr. Drill’n fill, which kids love.

We have some gigantic candies here, this is a big peanut butter cup, a Snickers bar, and this, kisses chocolate, looks like an elf poop. Now here we have gummy bears, gummy worms. They are perfect, now you have cavities, this isn’t good, you have to go to the dentist’s, we will be back soon.

Welcome to Dr.Freddy Scare bear’s, let me see, you have some cavities, we are going to take them out, put this on, and now we are done, you are losing some blood. Thank you for coming to Dr.Freddy Scare Bear’s.

Welcome back, now let’s put the candies aside, I don’t think you can eat candies right now, but I know someone who might want to eat, it’s Dr. Drill’n fill, this time you can be the doctor. We have this little mirror, and I can see your teeth, this is a toothbrush with toothpaste, and here are some drillers, and this is how we make the teeth and braces.

First we are going to make his tongue, and we are going to need 16 teeth, now we can see that he’s got a nice set of teeth, like he was just born, I don’t think that we should put in his back teeth, now he can close his mouth.

We are going to get some of the braces because they are a little crooked, now he’s got some nice braces. And he is going to leave the dentist, now he’s back home and he wants some candy. We will feed him some candies, some chocolate, cookies. This doesn’t seem good.

I think he is going to need some toothpaste, we shall open it up, and brush the tongue, and the inside of his teeth. Look inside, he has some cavities, we have to take them out, drill it, and give him new teeth. Now he has nice good teeth and smile.

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