Chases Soggy Doggy and Burger Mania Game or Batman

Description: This passage is going to be focusing on the introduction of the two games named soggy doggy and burger mania which are suitable for both the kids and the adults.

There are four game pieces, so I’ll pop a ducky in a bump, here comes the doggy. What we have to do here is we put this piece on here, the doggy goes on right here the motor pool, youngest player goes first, you get the role, your little duck got red. We go around here and then the first one back is the winner.

So Sean got red, so he goes here and if you look here, it says push the paw one time, and here comes out the water, move on to here and it says press the paw two times. And you got a yellow, it says turn this for one time, if you get the paw, that means that you go to the furthest, and now you have to do two clicks.

We should play a different game, burger mania. We draw a card, all we have to do is to make that burger before time runs out. You can’t use your finger, you have to use your tweezers.

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