Chasing With One Tweet S1E1 Clip 2

Description: This article is going to be talking about Chasing Cameron who started out on Instagram five years ago by posting some photos and funny videos and now he has so many fans.

Over the years, my career has grown up so big, so fast. I started on Instagram when I was a senior high school student five years ago, I started to brand myself as a model, and I got up to about 150,000. I didn’t want to be tagged as a serious model so I started up to make some funny videos.

I saw some people started to want to meet, and I seized it. I told my fans on the Ins that I will be outside, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, after that meet-and-greet, I thought two things, one if I’m ever going to do this again, I need security; two it should be more organized.

Me and my sister are close, my mom is a single parent and she made sure that we were taught to be very independent and we never needed anything else except for the three of us. My mom supports me a lot, I’ve done a couple of videos with my mom and she’s awesome. My sisters are like my mom too.

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