Chasing With One Tweet S1E1 Clip 3

Description: This article is an interview of Cameron and his family members, what they think of his career and the process of his business

She’s always going to worry about me no matter what I do, my sister has her own Youtube channel and we collaborate once or twice.

Cameron was shy all throughout high school, he was bullied quite often, especially in his first two years. He was a bit of a loner, he had a couple of friends but once social media came around, which was about sophomore year and that was when Cameron came out of his shell, he became more of a prankster, at that time I had no idea that he was filming for an app.

I’m proud of Cameron, he noticed something at the beginning of something when nobody touch on, and he posted pictures and was doing it analytical. I was thinking what he was doing, he posted pictures and he calculate how many likes he get. It started small but he knew how to grow his own brand.

We’re all addicted to our phones, the social media generation gets caught up in the likes and it’s always purely based on followers, it’s almost like you’re not accepted if you don’t have enough followers. I worry about all the power and the disappointment that it brings to people, but I’ve always tried to really support my kids, understand what their dreams were and what they wanted to do.

A week after my first meet and greet, I got hit up by Bart borderline at the time I had no clue who that was, I’m Bart borderline I’m the creator and CEO of Magcon.

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