children who chase lost voices

Children Who Chase Lost Voices Review

Description: This article is going to be a review of Children who chase lost voices, it goes through the plot and the author will share some of his feelings about the film

This is a review of children who chase lost voices.

It begins with our character Asuna who brings the radio to a hidden place, put it on the radio, she heard some beautiful, mysterious sound, there’s a cat call mimi. As you can see, on her way back to home, the light was all over the picture, the art in this movie is fantastic, the background is so detailed and so beautiful.

At school, the teachers tells the student that there’s a beast in the forest that they should be aware of, on the way back home, on the bridge, Asuna runs into it, and it is going to eat her, at the last second, a mysterious boy shows up and defeats the beast, but he gets injured.

The next day, both she and some government agents show up at the scene, they found the body of the monster and she found the boy that saved her. She bandaged the wound and he introduces himself as Shun, saying that he is from a magical land called Agartha.

Asuna goes back home and the boy jumps off the cliff and dead, a few days later, she hears the news and she is very upset about it. Next day at school, Mr. Murasaki, a substitute teacher, talks about Argatha, she goes to his house and asks about it.

Later she sees a strange light at the place where she sets her radio and she finds a boy who looks like Shun, he even has the crystal necklace that Shun has. Before they can talk more, they are discovered by agents, the two of them are eventually cornered.

One of the agents takes Asuna as a hostage and uses the crystal to open a gate, then they get into another land. Then the boy tells Asuna that he is Shun too, which brings up a question that why do they kill the character and replace it with another exact same character? Asuna decides to go with the agent, who is also her substitute teacher, he wants to go to Agartha to get his wife back, and Shun decides to go back to the surface to get the crystal.

Now here is a problem, Asuna says that this crystal is from her father, but they don’t explain when, where and how did he get it? Did he know the use of the crystal when giving to her? Why did he give it to her? Or if this crystal is a simple souvenior, then why do they bring it up?

They start their adventure of Agartha, discovering the ancient civilization, meanwhile Shun went back to the palace. Asuna is kidnapped by invisible monsters, they dragged her to a lonely place with another girl. Then Shun came and saved them, there is an intense chase, they get into the water, but Shun get wounded in the process.

Mr.Murasaki find them and bandages Shun, but when he gets up, sees Mr.Murasaki, they have a fight. They have to find some medical cure so they stop by the nearest village, the chief doesn’t want to let them in but it turns out the little girl they happen to save is the chief’s daughter.

Mr.Murasaki asks the chief where to find his wife, but the chief tells the wrong way because he doesn’t want them to go there. But they take the boat and go to the end of the river, that’s when they are attacked by three guards, Shun then shows up and let them go first.

When the finally get to the destination, Mr.Murasaki decides to go down to the cliff and Asuna gets scared, Mr.Morasaki gives her his gun and starts climbing down with the crystal. Asuna then goes back, on the way back, she realizes why she comes to Agartha.

Now it leads to a big problem which is that Asuna is a very weak character, she accidentally gets kidnapped, even mimi is more useful than her because it is from Agartha and can get them pass the guards. So I think they fail on the character because there isn’t a strong show of the use of Asuna, and there isn’t a bond.

Asuna gets kidnapped again, and Shun shows up and saves her. Mr. Murasaki makes his way down to the bottom and asks to bring his wife back after using the crystal and Asuna shows up in time, so the spirit of his wife processes into Asuna’s body. Shun broke the crystal and brings Asuna back. Mr.Murasaki says goodbye to his wife one last time and the movie ends.

I think this move is boring, the art is great but the characters are cardboard cutouts and the story is a total mess. Shinkai might have a few ideas sounded cool and mash them together without any idea of how they would make a coherent whole, it has elements of a fun adventure movie, clever dark fantasy, but in trying to be both of those things, it fails to be either of them.

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