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Sloth’s Anime Reviews The Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Description: This article is going to be a review o the children who chase lost voices from deep below of Makoto Shinkai.

Today I’m going to do a review on the Children who chase lost voices from deep below.

The fantasy animation has been done countless times but there are a few that can do as this film, it require creation and every frame of animation. Now this anime is made by Makoto Shinkai. The children who chase lost voices took place in a small world town, a girl named Asuna who likes to spend time in the forest near the town playing with a radio that her father left behind, occasionally it played out a strange melody which strikes Asuna’s curiosity.

One day, as she was walking through a favorite spot in the forest, Asuna met a horrible monster that tried to push her to death, at the last second she was saved by a mysterious boy called Ryuji, this mysterious boy became attached to Asuna, but lose the mysterious world he must return to. The one day when he went to buy some cigarettes, he fell off the cliff.

The movie took some inspiration from some Studio Ghibli’s works the most prominent of which being sprayed away, but I think it makes enough to not come off as entirely crypt without spoiling too much. This story involves Asuna’s journey to the mysterious world of Agartha, a land very different from hers with crazy foreign creatures bizarre rules and absolutely stunning alien landscape which is one of shang-chi specialties.

Now I’d like to talk about what I’d liked and didn’t like about the overarching narrative because this movie definitely isn’t perfect. I think themes is the most crucial factors that I look for in stories because they allow me to resonate deeper into the plot and characters with the more of a dynamic look and this is one of those things I felt was done well in this film.

We see the theme of loneliness slowly seep through Asuna as a character throughout the course of the movie, going from an almost perfect child in the beginning to a clearly broken and distressed human towards the end. Making this transition feel natural is a challenging thing to do well and I was surprised that it was done in a rather a joint manner.

There are more subtle dramas in a fantasy adventure film, if you look carefully enough, you can find countless examples of facial expressions that shows the true feelings and emotions of the characters. The most conspicuous of these would be the substitute teacher who occasionally hints at his eventual psychological breakdown towards the end of the movie despite of his calm collected demeanor throughout the film.

The pacing of this film is way too slow, the movement between plot points felt so clunky and unnecessarily drawn-out for no good reason, this could be partly due to the movie clocks in and a whopping two hours long, and of those two hours only one of them was spent in the world of Agartha.

Not to say that the time outside of the world was pointless but I thought it was dragged on for far too long, I think this problem could have easily been remedied if they cut down the time of the film by around 40 minutes which would force him to speed up some of the portions of the movie but wouldn’t render the film too fast.

I felt as if this movie didn’t fit together as it was intended to, it almost appeared as Shinkai took inspiration from a number of places, but decided to pick out only select parts and pair them together in the hopes of them all working out.

Every frame is worthy of being an art museum on its own by looking at the video that’s been playing in the background this whole time, you can tell how much detail that both comics wave and Shinkai put into this film.

When it comes to sound effects in animation in particular, they can be easily overlooked, usually playing a very subtle role and is usually never in the foreground of any artstic work of film, but I believe they can play a vital role in the task of immersion which in this case is one of the film’s main objectives. I can happily say that the sound effects were top-notch in this film, they managed to feel weighted enough when needed and subtle enough when wanted. This is something I can appreciate.

However the music is another story, I think this film is lacked diversity in terms of the soundtrack, almost every scene was fitted with an overwhelming orchestral track and by the end of the movie, the sense of power and intensity. I think usually one of the most charming parts of a fantasy adventure film is its soundtrack, so I was a bit underwhelmed in that department, but it can be looked past to a certain degree.

I would definitely recommend other watching this film, the children who chase lost voices from deep below is a great film, I’m not the biggest fan of the numerical rating system because there are many subjective or variables from person to person, I will definitely give this film a 7 out of 10

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