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How to Register Citibank Credit Card Online by Yourself at Citi Com Activate. Com

Welcome to our channel on how to back Bank effect easily. In this video, we are going to see how to self register your Citi bank credit card online. For this, we need to go to Citi bank website, which is Citibank, click on first-time user, then under get user ID, you have to select self select.

Firstly, click on this, it will open our registration page, and then select red card, select your account type option, and then you need to fill your 16 credit card number and the three digit CVV number, which is mentioned on back of your credit card followed by your date of birth and pin code of your address.

Secondly, click on every four terms and conditions, and then click on proceed, you will receive an OTP number on your mobile, which is registered in the bank.

Third, input the OTP which you received on your mobile or new OTP can be requested. After OTP, click on continue and choose user ID.

Next , input your user ID, read the conditions to create user ID on right side of the stream, where minimum 5 maximum 50 characters are allowed. And it can be alphanumeric and there should be no space or special characters in both step, create your internet password, using virtual keyboard and click on confirmation of typing conditions on right side of your screen.

Lastly, you have successfully completed the process. Now let’s try to log in again. Click on log in, now input your user ID and I’ve been created earlier and click on login. On your first login, you can see the message on top of your screen and this is your first session.

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