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How to Set The Citi Bank Credit Card at Citi Com Activate. Com

How to change/create the Internet passward (IPIN) for citi bank credit card

In this tutorial, we will see how to set the citi bank credit card. So I assume that you have your user ID remembered, so when you open the citi bank official website, it will have a login button here.

So click on this login button, it will ask for the user ID and the internet password. If you know your user ID, then you have to enter your user ID here and you have to mention your internet password by the online keyboard provided by the Citi bank interface.

So I do not have my internet password, then just click on forgot, it will appear I pin page with the three steps, in which first step includes an account number. Click on the credit card account, and account information is to be provided. So it will ask for the 16 bit digit credit card number, then CVV number, date of birth, and enter your PIN code.

So I entered information in, 386280026524060, this is a credit card number. Then enter date of birth, the mailing address, the next click on the terms and condition must be agreed and proceed.

Once you proceed, it will ask for the OTP. So the OTP will get to your registered mobile number in the bank, so enter those numbers, so I entered my OTP.

Always remember that you should not disclose this OTP to anyone, and you should have your registered phone with you. The OTP time is well for the 15 minutes, so we will just wait for five minutes and then enter the OTP, because if you do not receive the OTP in five minutes, it means that you have to send get OTP request to this number:52484.

So once you get the OTP, you have to enter it inside this field. For example, I just enter an OTP here then continue, choose I pin. Now we have to choose I pin, you can choose anything you want, and you have to enter this using the keyboard here. So whatever you enter, it should be combination of word and numbers. So I enter I pin 4 4 7, which is a good combination.

You should choose your I pin correctly, and click on the confirm button. So once you have entered your I pin credentials with the combination of character and numbers, the next screen is that you have successfully created a new I pin.

Then you can click on the login button, type the username, type the I pin, which you have selected here. So I type in login user ID, the dashboard for my personal banking will be open.

So this will track your dashboard, include banking Ted card investment and all that are related to your online banking and your credit card. Thank you very much for reading.

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