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Reddit Citibank Activate Don’t Like Freedom Double Mag PCC Lower and 2 New AR10’s TGC News

Description: This article is about citi-com-activate. This week on TGC News, Reddit and Citibank join the anti-freedom crowd. Foxtrot Mike Products offers a double mag PCC lower and 2 new long range rifles from DoubleStar.

Reddit and Citibank joined the anti freedom crowd a double mag PCC lower and two new long-range rifles. 1776 United offers some of the most patriotic and pro to a apparel you can imagine.

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9-millimeter carbines are all the rage between 6 5 Creedmoor and pistol caliber carbines. I don’t know who would win a popularity contest. It’s not a surprise that more and more companies are focusing on pistol caliber carbine parts.

Enter a company called Foxtrot and Mike products. This is their new RTC or ready to customize lower for the 9 millimeter carbine. And it has a few interesting features. First up it is made mostly of polymer. You scoffed because polymer lowers are a problem for some of you.

They thought of that and utilized an aluminum rear insert that is molded into the lower. The entire buffer tube loop and below into the safety selector area contains that insert. This tackles the issue that concerns folks of the buffer tube impacting something external and snapping off of the receiver.

Beyond that and the overall look of the lower there are a couple of other things that stand out. The grip, for one, is designed like a grip of your normal pistol to accept an extra magazine. It has a normal button release on the side and all. I’m not sure it would be like the fastest way because you’re combining pistol and rifle mechanics. But it is still cool.

Last but not least, it’s ambidextrous except for the bolt catch. All of that for the price of a hundred and forty nine bucks. What do you think of this? Would you buy this over any of the other options that are on the market like New frontier armory, Angstadt or Quarter-circle ten? Would you get this FM over those?

In gundustry strugglebus news, not only are we all being threatened by looming gun control measures and a congress that passed fixed nix, but we are also now dealing with corporate America and their undereducated nonsense.

On March 22nd Citibank announced that they will be placing their own restrictions on their retail customers regarding firearms. The new policy says that businesses are fine as long as:

A.They don’t sell firearms to someone who hasn’t passed a background check. I don’t know of a retail establishment that would do that.
B.They restrict the sale of firearms for individuals under 21 years of age. That’s right age discrimination
C.They don’t sell bump stocks or high-capacity magazines. And unlike the YouTube nonsense, this version of high-capacity magazines remains undefined. The people that control the funding implementing their own firearms discrimination and restrictions to circumvent the law.

I hope this plague does not continue to spread. At the same time though, this would be an opportunity for a bank to assert themselves as open to doing business with anyone and soak up the dollars from the gun industry.

On top of that, Reddit recently shut down a few subreddit such as r/gun deals and r/brassswap due to some new policies on the site. Essentially the policy says that you cannot solicit or facilitate the sale of firearms or ammunition among other things like stolen goods, drugs, prostitution, personal information and falsified documents.

Guns are being lumped in with illegal activity in this new reddit policy. I understand the fact that they don’t want people to be using the site for illegal activity but guns and ammo are totally legal to possess.

Why lump that in with all this other illegal stuff? For those of you that are unaware, reddit is one of the law aggregator sites. On the internet you could essentially find anything. The traffic generated from that site is staggering. You can’t even so much as mention a place to buy a gun without fear of getting banned. Law-abiding citizens being silenced.

In AR 10 News, a company called Doublestar has expanded their lineup of star 10b rifles with the addition of two new cartridges, the 65 Creedmoor and the 260 Remington. They’re calling them the start 10bx.

Breaking down the features on both rifles we’ve got a 22 inch stainless steel heavy barrel with a one and eight twist topped off with a big ol three chamber muzzle break. That is covered with a 15 inch Sampson 308 evolution handguard.

They both have the standard start10 receivers which includes that downward slope to the magwell and grip portion on the front. It’s weird-looking. They also come standard with a CMC three and a half pound trigger, a Hogue grip and an ace hammer stock.

All for the MSRP of two thousand five hundred and forty nine dollars. Don’t get me wrong. This could be a very nice rifle. Because I’ve never had the chance to mess with a double star but that price tag is almost as steep as that weird magwell.

I want to know what you think though. Would you rather build your own ar-10 or would you pony up and get one that comes from a reputable builder?

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This time our gun tuber of the week was picked by you. It’s high time I let you decide who gets the title of gun tuber of the week and I think Mozzberg is going to lose his mind because he literally tells me to shout out this every single week.

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