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Student Speaks to CNN While on Lockdown Activate

Description: The following article is mainly willing to concentrate on the heatedly discussed topic about cnn activate. We can see that some students are talking to CNN while they are doing some things related on lockdown. We can get some information from the materials below.

Jonathan, tell me where you are now and what’s happening? I’m in my math class now, what happened? We’ve been on lockdown for about 30 minutes or so, you’re on lockdown now, inside your math class, we’re looking at what features I should tell you now.

Matthew, tell me what it is and what happened. Supposedly, I heard about it, I hope we’ll be able to shout about sevenish, so one person supposedly did what I’ve heard, they first started off, I heard this one, click gun against their head and I thought it was one person, I got hurt, trying to get the gun.

I’m not sure about it, all I know at the moment is that I’m still shaking up, but you’ve been happening, I didn’t think it happens in the art hallway, all I know at the moment, did you hear gunshots, Jonathan?

I’m surprised I didn’t, but we’re quite a bit of ways away from the art hallway, but this was close, so I’m surprised I didn’t hear it, what are you hearing now from school officials? What are you being told to do now?

The police were going through classrooms and checking, making sure students are safe, we’re going to be escorted out of the school, so I’m not sure how long I could stay on the phone, so they told us to leave our stuff in the classroom, we’re going to be escorted by that.

The police and everything respond quickly, so I’m not happy about that, Jonathan, is this anything that you have done training for in your school a few times? I didn’t expect for this to happen. I do feel safe though, because they always have police in our school and they’re ready for something like this.

It’s something they couldn’t prevent, because they have a couple of officers, but they’re well trained officers and there could be more casualties which I’m glad there wasn’t everyone’s little trained for it and have you been told that the event is over in that you are safe as far as you know at this moment, as far at this point, I know I’m safe, it has a lot of officers respond.

Some classrooms can see outside the school ambulances fire trucks everything everyone responded, it was probably five minutes already heard sirens outside school, you and the students who are in that room now, what’s this last hour been for you.

People are trying to find out what happens though, because there’s no kind of closed off, we can’t go anywhere, so we’re stuck in a classroom, can’t find out social media, maybe what happened on snapchat or stuff like that spreads a wildfire.

So you say you’re in your math class now, what is your teacher saying to you? I mean what’s the discussion you all are getting to on social media, seeing what you can find, what’s the conversation with your teacher at this point, he’s casual, he wants to make sure the students are calm.

No one likes crying or anything at the moment, I know there are people traumatized and I’m not sure who happened to that, but hopefully, they’re fine or will be OK, but he’s very supportive about this look, we’re glad you have the teacher, we’re glad you have each other now and we are glad you are safe, it’s about nine o’clock in the East right now, what time do you believe that the shooting happened?

It is about 8:28 fifteen or so, it happened fairly quickly when school started in what time does school start? It starts about 8 o’clock, so 8 o’clock is not long after school story, I went quickly and and holes are usually crowded by then.

So if there was something to happen respond, it’s not easy to get the word, what you are getting is how many people are hurt, it should be 7, what if I’m I heard 7 people hurt, at first I heard one, but we will have to go, because the police are outside the door, the police are outside the door now and you’re out, Jonathan, freeze on the phone with us, a senior at the great Mills High School, Jonathan, can you stay on with us? As you warned, we lost Jonathan, Jonathan’s been in the classroom now, in a math class, he said school starts at 8:15 the shooting happened.

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