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Sam Smith, you do not know when you love something so much, you just keep drinking it, but this gives me gone, but I get to school, but that should not happen, I need to stop drinking it. I know this is a weird angle. I just don’t have like a car tripod and ascribes cut me out.

I know I don’t have a car tripod, that’s why this thing looks weird, but I mean it works arrested. I will show you what the life of a college student looks like in the back of my car. I always take the stairs even throughout the day, I take the stairs,because I feel like I get way more exercise and even though it’s just walking, I feel like it helps me, my first class is English 101 and it is in Langsford Hall.

I don’t like sitting in my car for 30 minutes. I like to be in class. I like to use a blue and a green pen and this just keeps my notes organized, so I have the green with the main topics and then the blue for all the details that go along with it.

Today we were just learning about analytical essays, because we have the right one soon, my next class is in the visual arts area, but it’s not a visual arts class, it’s actually psychology, we learned about Social Development and children for this class I use a purple and blue pen for the same reason as my English class.

Don’t transport a fridge on its side ostomy standing upright, don’t sit in your car with the radio on that wastes your battery, don’t sit in the car with carbon which her gasps gasps dude Spencer, don’t take aspirin on your period that one’s a blood thinner on your period.

I had to get two notebooks for my two last classes.I’m headed to the Lava Lounge to meet up with some more friends. Maddie left me, because she had to go to class, but the lobby lounge is a place for like undeclared students to hang out in and just study and stuff, so this is where I go every day after meditates.

I feel like I have another glass, so today’s been a good day. I didn’t have that one class. I was supposed to go to which I made so happy, because that class is literally nothing and I got out of my art class early which means I go home early.

I will talk a little bit about my day, if the fighting is weird, it was like tree and Sun and stuff, but today I talked to when I mentors turn on my classes, basically she asks me how I’m doing and leader to take this test online before school started about like our life and then we manage and help me studying stuff.

Basically, when we went over those results and my lowest point is stress,it’s telling me that I don’t know how to self manage my stress and now I get really overly stressed and we talked about how I basically worked two jobs because of YouTube and then TJ Maxx and then how my boyfriends in the hospital and how I have school, so I really have no time for myself and to like be stress free.

I know I’m young and I don’t need to be stressed out, but college is stressful and then having two jobs. We basically come to the realization where I need to make time for myself because I’m not doing that like I didn’t even have time for myself,I was just telling my parents how I feel like I haven’t been home in like weeks.

I have been out of the house doing so many things and it’s not like I’m choosy either knows because of school and work, but it’s like not fun for me besides are going to visit Jack, so basically, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me this platform to express myself.

If you’re stressing like me, try to take time for yourself, because if you don’t, it will be built up like stress that you are constantly having and that’s not good, because I cry almost every night because I’m so stressed and like that might sound like needy.

I hope that if you feel the same way, you can find a time and space to relieve yourself of that stress, because I need to do that in taking baths, sometimes help me like just and I listen to music and I like taking everything that’s happening, so thanks for listening, I don’t know why I want to talk about that at dinner with my mother.

If you want how exciting we got miso soup chicken teriyaki crunchyroll, it steamed rice and sadly, my mom update, so it has been a while since I’ve been home, you can’t tell I’m really tired, I’ve been editing this vlog for almost an hour now like over an hour and I don’t want you keeping up with the kardashians.

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