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Former MDCPS Students Suing School Board Over Publishing of Private Information at Dadeschools Portal Login. Com

Description: The article below is talking about the news that students’ privacy are being at risk since their personal information including Social Security numbers was posted online for all the world to see.

A cbs4 news security alert now and a South Florida School District has been putting students privacy at risk, two students are suing after their personal information including Social Security numbers was posted online for all the world to see.

There may be more students involved in many other high schools, but we should tell you that since this lawsuit was filed this afternoon, that webpage was taken down protecting their identities, two former Miami Dade School students are suing the miami-dade.

County School Board claim that it published their private information on the Miami Dade County Public Schools website the lawsuit claims the name, social security number, developmental skills score whether they passed or failed FCAT achievement levels and other test scores all public 522 American Senior High School student information the entire graduating class of 2015.

I feel like I’m going to spend 10 years in making such a big deal. I did steal someone’s identification with their name and social security numbers which is very great and happens all the time in the United States, so that’s one issue my clients are constantly checking their bank statements and their credit report.

Some of us we want to work in companies that they assess people’s competence through different sources and then they look up your name and they see that all your test scores was not satisfactory, then you know that ruins your chances of being hired the miami-dade.

County School Board issued a statement saying that as soon as this incident was brought to our attention, the webpage was immediately taken down, the students and their attorney claimed the information has been public since 2013, but when we checked after the lawsuit was filed the page was no longer available.

The school board says this was an isolated incident and at this time this post cannot be authenticated therefore a forensic is being conducted to determine its origin to try to reach the school district. Did you try to work this out with them before it actually led to a lawsuit? So we were concerned about the massive amount of information that was published in the number of students who were impacted, so we didn’t feel that the district would listen to us unless we filed a lawsuit back here, the students wanted overhaul of the district’s policies on how students private information is stored and used and although they say this is not about the monetary losses, it is about the emotional distress, it has caused, I’m still dahara Petty on CBS 4 tonight.

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