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MDCPS Administrators Gather at Adrienne Arsht Center to Discuss Upcoming School Year at Dadeschools Portal Login. Com

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Dancing helped usher in the new school year for miami-dade. County was all part of an event earlier today, where superintendent Alberto Carvalho laid out his vision for the new school year CBS 4s Bianca Peters has more summer comes to an end.

Miami-dade administrators are gearing up, they’re excited to meet these little ones and these big ones in ten days, our teachers are already setting up their bulletin boards, the materials are being unboxed, it starts from the top down and that’s why every administrator in the county gathered at the Adrienne Arsht Center to reflect on the positive achievements made and to get fired up for.

Once they hope to make this 2017-2018 school year what better way to start the day, they are stunning every single day, superintendent Carvalho touching on some key aspects of the new and improved school year ahead one in particular stood out, so I think that probably the most impactful is the continued expansion of choice.

77 new programs taking as I said to 67 percent of our students enrolled in non traditional programs guaranteeing that they have the ability to select a program that excites them, but there are still issues that are in need of some help like parents involvement in their kids education. That’s why we have launched a parent Academy, that’s why we have initiatives.

They focused on improving the skill set of parents, helping parents to help their own children better creating an echo of learning beyond the classroom,but our miami-dade school is preparing 300,000 students to come with hungry minds and stomachs to fill for the first 20 days with free breakfast, free lunch and a free snack to every single kid in our community, the biggest accomplishment last year was the elimination of all of those F schools, there are 14 D level schools for the goal of this year, and they want to get that down to zero by this time next year reporting in downtown Miami Bianca Peters cbs4 news.

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