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I would like to ask the superintendent what was the thinking behind this decision to leave this open-ended. I mean there’s a great deal of uncertainty surrounding, that’s full shelter closings, we have 42 of our schools operating shelters with a total of 28,000 residents in them.

Secondly, our inability to inspect and make possible repairs to our facilities considering that we’re going into a curfew from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow right threads or localized muddy as well as the possibility of downed line considering those factors.

It is prudent at this point not to keep pushing back the opening one day at a time and just make a general announcement that when we are ready we will alert our community and lastly the readiness of our workforce, we employ 52,000 individuals, many of them left the community, many parents, kids and many of our colleagues left Miami base, we need some time to organize with us to inspect to empty out the shelters to clean and repair fire and superintendent.

Have you heard of any reports of damage at any of your schools? The most accurate reports I’m getting at this point are coming from principals and staffs who are Co managing the 42 shelters, what they’re telling me is that the structural integrity of schools is very high throughout the storm, there was the occasional loss of power, but generators kicked in but obviously extensive exterior examination inspection have not been done.

But I suspect particularly as a result of the massive renovations done through the 1.2 billion dollar bond referendum the modernization of schools the replacement of old legacy windows with impact class. I think that has been a long way in terms of protecting our infrastructure across the community, so I’m not getting reports of catastrophic loss at this point, but we’re really going to begin that process of inspection at some time tomorrow.

That’s good to hear that they didn’t sustain that type of damage and I know you’re saying that the school classes are closed until further notice. Do you suspect this will be a week or maybe possibly even more than a week good question?

I doubt the timeline and the work, I doubt if we will be able to open prior to this coming Monday. I think this will be a one-week period, but should we accelerate the process of inspection and whatever repairs would be needed and we will alert the community, but based on what I know now and what needs to be done, I suspect that Thursday or Friday would be best-case scenarios, but those are quite frankly vanishing, considering the curfew.

The fact that we have to empty out the shelters and that will take some time particularly for the population of homeless individuals who were transported to our shelters clean the shelters make necessary repairs and bring back the workforce, so I’m looking at this week quite frankly as a timeline for which we will accomplish all of that well.

It’s good to have that for parents as a framework just to give them an idea of what lies ahead as far as the kids are concerned and for the children superintendent. Are you going to have anything? Are you discussing anything to have in place because I’m sure as somebody who grew up amidst the Hurricanes, I went through Hurricane Andrew, it can be a bit traumatizing and I’m sure a lot of these kids, their homes may be damaged, are you going to have anything set in place for them?

Once they go back to school, so we have been disseminating for a number of days, there are age appropriate and grade level appropriate to our website that parents can access to maintain some degree of remote educational opportunity.

Secondly, we’ve also made available to parents and we convey this appearance via robo calls text messages and emails resources for parents to use in terms of discussing anxiety and stress related to the conditions that kids went through a distress of the storm as well as the rebuilding efforts.

The fact that it may be without electricity for a number of days and maybe certainly inconvenience, those resources have been provided to the parents, they are available to our website that karent’s to call us hotline 305 995 at 3000 for any additional information.

We have currently 28,000 people in our shelters, 42 of the 43 County operated shelters are in our schools and we usually stock those shelters with food up to three days who didn’t water for three days, some shelters have had residents since Thursday.

I am working diligently with our county mayor, I have spoken with Governor Scott a couple of hours ago, we need the National Guard and the county to make some additional deliveries of provisions to sustain the residents, we should keep them beyond some point tomorrow, this is a critical need that we’re working through when conditions have improved, we need to get trucks out on the road to make some additional deliveries, so there is a continuity of minimum comfort for those most impacted by the storm.

Is there a problem now with food at the shelters? If we have to see individuals pass tonight meaning. Once the curfew is lifted at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, we may begin to experience some localized stress points and we certainly want to avoid we are at that critical point where resources will begin to run out again.

Three days is usually what’s kept in schools in some schools, we’ve taken more people than the original, nobody was turned back and now it’s time to accelerate the process of delivering some additional necessities to be schools,we appreciate your time, we appreciate your time, thank you.

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